Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ragdoll cat care part 1

Hey there everyone! Today I want to tell you about "(How to care for the Ragdoll cat breed).Well  Ragdolls are very hairy and fluffy they shed  EVERYWHERE  all over your furniture and clothes and bed and carpet and curtains!! But if you brush them everywhere  and everyday they shed a lot less.If you or any of your family  are a "allergic to cats",Then I highly not think you should get a Ragdoll.Because Ragdolls shed a lot their hair(fur) can make your eyes or nose itchy.And Ragdolls do make wonderful pets for you or your family.They are very "dog like" meaning that they will play fetch and can lean to do some tricks and are pretty playful they.They also  like to take walks on a harness and leash like a dog.But Ragdolls should never EVER go outside but themselves!!!! Because they are so gently with other people and animals. They don't fight back at all!!! If you can't keep your cat indoors you shouldn't get a Ragdoll.Also Ragdolls are very EXPENSIVE!!!! A breeder may charge up to 500 hundred bucks$ for a "pet Ragdoll".But if it's a "show/breeder Ragdoll" breeders might charge up to 1,000 or  2,000  Thousand bucks!!!!! For one. Bye for now but see you soon!!!:-)

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