Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Extinct means their gone FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!

Hi,everyone! Today was Supposed to be "Tadpole Tuesday".But I have other ideas.I wanted to tell you,about this beautiful animal.It's called a "Snow leopard".They are a wild cat,who lives in the snowy, Mountains of Asia and Siberia.And they are very very very rare.I'd say only about one out of five people,would ever see one in the wild!! And they are almost extinct!!!! Because people are killing them,when it is a legal! They kill them for their beautiful coats for people to wear them. And  their bones for Medicine.And they need help before it's all to late!!! Here are pictures of snow leopards.
Aren't they,beautiful?
They are only about 700 to 3,000 snow leopards left in the wild! Please help these  beautiful animals!!!
Just look at those sweet baby faces! 
Please help them! Before it's all to late!!!
Look at those horrible people killing that Gorgeous animal!!!! This is Awful!!
How can we not help save these animals? Just look how beautiful they are and how much they mean to Each other and us!!! Save the snow leopard!!!
Does this baby Deserve to be Shot and killed?!?! I think NOT!!!!
Save this

beautiful cat!
Grrr! Lol.We hope you loved the info and the pictures.Love RM&the babies.



  1. The Snow Leopards are very beutiful and it´s very sad to know that they soon would be extinct :(
    My mom-person is a Tiger sponsor on WWF and me too , WWF in Sweden had/have a campaign called Cat helps Cat´s there small cat´s like me can help BIG cat´s like Tigers , Leopards and Lion´s :)

  2. Woo hoo!! Yay!! Fight for the Snow leopards!!!!


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