Saturday, August 31, 2013

It's kinda a funny story...............

Good morning everyone! Today is brought to you by me (Anya).Anyway I got something to tell ya'!! You know my older sister Lady,right? Well she (mom already knows this).Anyway Lady has no tail at all!! Can you believe it? I sure can't! Wait...I actually hate Lady!!! Why? Well my dear furfriends of blogger or Google+plus or wherever you came from lol!;) 
Here is a picture of me (Anya) and Lady.Lady is the black mixed-breed cat........And I am the beautiful blue mitted Ragdoll cat!!:-) don't even start that "aww look at the adorable kitty cats!! Crap I here from you guys....ugh. Makes me Absolutely sick!! As you know I hate her!! Why do I hate her so much? Well...Here's the story:So this was last weekend.Anyway.Mom went to go clean our food and water bolws.And she comes back from cleaning them (peep #1 Ragdoll mommy) was cleaning them.Anywho she comes back in to the bedroom where our bolws are kept and puts them down on the floor.And Lady was under the bed (Scaredy cat lol!) and I was walking right behind mom (me&Nico follow our peeps from room to room.Part of our breed the Ragdoll) But Lady comes out from under the bed because mom put a little bit of food in her bolw to make her come out.And Lady comes at mom to be petted.But I was tired of gettin' no time from mom anymore.....So I jump out at Lady's face and I just whipped her sorry ass!!!! Woo hoo yay I role!! LOL!! And mom breaks up the fight.And good news I'm okay!! Lol.
Look how sexy I am!
This is what I did to Lady! Lol.I got her good! But of course this is my catnip filled toy:-)
Woo.That was fun! Ps:that was the end of the story;)
Meow!! Round house kick to the face!! Lol
Wha do you mean "we are gettin' another cat?!?" 
Me givin' you a sexy wink;)


  1. So nice to see Lady out! Poor girl, it's not easy being the new one and getting attacked. But hopefully they start getting along soon! So Lady doesn't have a tail? Is she part manx or did she lose it?

  2. Another kitty? That could be exciting.

  3. Are you truly getting another cat? Looks as if you have enough animosity at your abode without adding another feline to the mix. Good luck if that happens. Maybe another kitty could me a friend for Lady. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Misty May, Mauricio, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  4. NO I am NOT getting another cat!!! Lol.Lady is the last one!! Lol

  5. Hi everycat. I'm a Ragdoll too! I live in sunny Australia and I'm a giant mummy's boy! Thanks for dropping by my blog. See you again soon.

  6. Anya needs to be nice. ;)

  7. Anya is a sweet girl:-) Lady is mean to Anya like Anya is mean to her lol

  8. Oh, Anya. You know what they say about payback!

    Is it possible that your blue toys match your blue eyes? Did mommy do that on purrrrrr-pose?

    1. Lol yes they do but my eyes are a little more blue! Lol.We love the "purrrrrrrrrrr-pose!!!" Take care

  9. Oh Anya that isn't nice! you shouldn't make fun of Lady because she is different. Shame, shame!

  10. Anya, that is not very lady-like of you. I understand the frustration of adding another moggie to the household, but some kitties are far less fortunate than you are and when you can do something to help out you should..

    I'm sure in time you won't hate her nearly as much as you do right now *chin scritches* but in the mean time you should be thankful your momma has enough love to go around..

  11. Anya: "Well then",*sniff* *turn tail in the air" lol


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