Monday, August 26, 2013

Love never dies...................

Hi everyone.Today is one of the saddest day's of my life. Why? Well you see,this morning I went over to,"Cat chat".(Cody's blog).To read up on his post for today.And I see/read this: Homer from (homer's odyssey).Has sadly past away.I am deeply sorry! Here is a little tidbit to homer.
This is Homer's odyssey.
This is Homer.He is blind.And has no eyes. Here is my saying to Homer:Homer we are sad that you have gone to the bridge,we are happy that we got to spend our life with you,we are sad you are no longer here with us,Homer you were/are a wonderful little,feline.Homer why did you have to leave us? Homer you didn't suffer did you,my little cat? Homer rest in god's arms my little cat,for you are no longer in pain and suffering.Homer we will never forget you my little cat.We don't understand why you had to leave us behind,we wonder where your at.Oh did,you say "heaven?" My little cat? Oh then we are glad we got to spend our life with you my little cat.Goodbye may seem forever,farewell is like the end,but in my heart the memories,and than they will always be.Rest in peace my beloved little cat:


  1. May the rainbow bridge be full of his favourite treats! Lee and Phod

  2. as you know we are so saddened by the news :(

  3. Yes:-( I just can't believe he is.....Gone....:-( Run free Homer,we love you!


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