Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wordless Wednesday


  1. What's that you're sleepin' on in the second picture? A bunny? A GIGANTIC bunny? Neat!


  2. You all are looking really comfy !

  3. Who needs words when you can speak volumes with those eyes? Purrs...

  4. hello sweetie pies. you all look cute.

    emma and buster

  5. Hi sweetheart! ask Mommy to get you all some paper bags to play with.

  6. You all look very relaxed (and beautiful). We hope you have a great Wednesday!

  7. You look so comfy that we want to go take a nap now!

    The Florida Furkids

  8. Replies
    1. Yea.they came with it.when I bought them in July day 1. Year 2012

  9. I love how Saphira is laying with her paws crossed! Too cute! And they're all giving you various 'looks of love'!

    To answer your questions, my Leo is going to be three on the 27th of this month! I don't know what breed they are, I always thought Leo looked like a korat, but his mother looks like a tiger and white main coon and four of his five sisters were various shades of grey tabbies, the fifth was a tuxie. I used to think Star looked like a Russian blue but her fur is too long, and curly. So they're both mixed breed blue/grey kitties.
    Is your torti Star the only one who wears a collar or are the rest hiding theirs in their fur? They're all so cute!

  10. Yes the are cute babies! Like yours!:-)


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