Friday, September 20, 2013

Attention:May I have your attention please?!?!!?

Hi,Everyone! Today I must tell you something.Yesterday I started another blog! But don't worry,I will still have Life With Ragdolls up and updated too! My new blog is called "My Secret World". You can visit it by going to my profile on my blog,and you will see my blog list (of blogs I own).Like I am part on The Ladies Of Autumn Tea Party,And I own Life With Ragdolls,And I own My Secret World.Anyway my new blog (My Secret World) is..Well for now it's about my cats/Ragdolls.But I was thinking that My Secret World,Is kind of a "Spin off" of Life With Ragdolls! LOL;-) But My Secret World WILL not be like Life With Ragdolls.

Anyway.My Secret World will be about my life,and the things I did do in the past and in the present.But my profile is the same one as my life with Ragdolls one! I thought that that would be a good way to keep "Spammers" at bay! You know so I will have "easy access" to both my blogs.Anyway I made my new blog,because I was kinda bored yesterday so I thought to myself: If I am so bored that why don't I make another blog?:Well there you have it! I did! Yay! 

Anyway.Today was suppose to be another one of "It's kinda a funny story" but I had other ideas! But I guess tomorrow will be it's kinda a funny story.

Here's some pictures of my kitties.

Goodbye everyone,but see ya' soon!
Love Ragdoll Mommy&the babies~


  1. Yes, that picture of Jimmy is real! No photo-shopping at all :-) He ran into the waves to get his ball and that wave beat him back to the shore!

  2. Congratulations on your new blog!
    All of your kitties are so gorgeous!

  3. Congratulations on your new blog! We'll go and check it out. Hope you and your beautiful kitties have a great weekend! :)


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