Thursday, September 26, 2013

Busy thursday!

Hi,everyone! Very I have been soooooooooooooooo BUSY this past weekend/This week!!!!!! Sorry if I have been out of touch! I am getting busier and BUSIER!!! I am getting so busy that I no longer have the time for my other blog! (My secret world.) Ugh:-( But I will try to at least have the time for (You guys!:-) Anyway.......Oh would ya' look at that,I gotta go do somethin' again!

But here are some photos of my kitties.
New pic of Star!
New pic of Saphira! Note: look at all the toys only Star&Saphira have!! Lol.Another note: Sorry for no new pics of Nico or Anya or Lady:-(  but I'll take some this weekend!
Anya in bed with me, last weekend:-)
Nico,from about two weekends ago lol;-)
Lady,from about two weekends ago lol;-)

Goodbye everyone but see ya' soon!

Love Ragdoll mommy&The babies~


  1. Keepin' busy can be a good thing.


  2. We all love your blog and your cats, so we hope you will be able to keep on posting. Hopefully it's a good type of busy you're going through.

  3. Saphira, you have much toys, Wow!
    We love the photos, you Nico is a very sweet boy.


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