Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Hi,Everyone! Guess what? Yep.You got it! I am sick again! Ugh. I am starting to that I'm Allergic to Nico&Anya!

Help! Does anyone have allergies to cats? I want to find a way to stop making their hair from going everywhere! Somebody help me!
Does anyone know some tips for living with hairy cats,to stop their hair from going everywhere? I know I can't really stop their hair (fur) from going everywhere,but I just want my allergies to stop! No allergy Medicine is helping! Please help us!
Getting rid of them is NOT an Option!
Putting them outside is NOT an option (they are Ragdolls and declawed!)
Please help!
I love these cats to DEATH! And I can't get rid of them!
Do you know anything to reduce shedding?
Thank you!
Love Ragdoll mommy&the babies
Look what I did to Saphira lol;-) don't worry,she was NOT shoved in! She was put in their very gently! She put herself like that lol



  1. Have you tried using the furminator brush on them? Kylei doesn't have much of a problem with that, her husband is usually very allergic to cats and that is one reason she got a ragdoll cos she had read they don't cos that many problems.
    Her little boy is name Theodore.

  2. Hardly any shedding at Kyleis house, doesn't bother Abe's allergies. Neither ragdoll did.
    Stella Rose

  3. They had an adult ragdoll before the kitten, not much shedding with Leo said sometimes she would fine little clumps of hair but not to much....she know another ragdoll owner whose husband has bad problems with his allergies with their grown ragdolls also, maybe kylei is just

  4. SO very Sorry to hear that you have the Sickies...

    We saw your comment about the Blogville HOWL O WEEN BASH....We really REALLY hope that you will be able to PAWticipate... We always welcome EVERYBUDDY. It will be a TON of FUN and you are WANTED and WELCOME.

  5. For a supposed short haired cat I seem to shed a lot, and Mommy had a hard time adjusting to my furs everywhere. Her nose got better with time. Since she has started using the Furminator a lot of the shedding is decreasing.
    Most people are allergic to the dander. Keep your sweeties coats lovely and lush. That helps more than you know! Try not to have dry air around the house. Humidify, especially in cold months when you have fireplaces going or heat on. It is also healthy for people, too. Think of when your skin gets really dry!
    Hope this helps!

  6. Blogville is the name of our.."TOWN"... I used to be the MAYOR... in FACT... I named the place... NOW Madi is Mayor...
    ALL species (except Peeps and Squirrels) are WELCOME in Blogville.
    There will be all sorts of thingys going on for HOWL O WEEN.
    And YES you are all Welcome... to join in on ALL of them...
    Last summer we had our OWN olympics... it was SUPER fun... There were even Some Events that were ONLY fur Cats..
    Blogville has PAWties all the time. Like Valentine's Day.. and we have DATE NIGHTs... and we once had a CIRCUS ... Ernie and I were Clowns.. and we were the STUFFIE TAMERS...
    We have a BLAST with EVERYTHINGY.
    AND guess what... if you Don't like to dress up... you don't HAVE TO.. OR you can PHOTOSHOP stuffs.
    Since you are furends with Stella Rose and Maggie and Gussie they will be glad to tell you about "BLOGVILLE" !! They love the stuffs we do.

  7. Blogville is a fun and wonderful place.
    As far as the allergies go, try the furminator. Or just brush them every day. Have you tried all the various allergy pills?? And you could shave them. That is too bad that you have allergies. Take care.

  8. You know those HOWL O WEEN HARNESS/DRESSES would be PURRRRRfect fur the Howl O Ween Clawstoom Contest !!! They are really CUTE.

    As to HOW to JOIN??? Just keep following our blog and several others that you might see with comments about the Howl O Ween thingy... and then... just Jump In with all four feet... hehehe
    you will be seeing some posts about all of this SOON.. and you just do what they tell you.. in their rules..
    Do you follow SARGE???
    He is doing the Pumpkin Carving Contest. That will get you started.. Once he puts up a post about it.
    Don't worry... everybuddy in Blogville Helps each other with Everythingy.. Don't be shy... just jump in when the word starts to come out.

  9. If you haven't already, maybe trying the furminator to brush them. You'll be amazed at how much fur comes off of your kitties.

  10. I am so sorry you may be allergic to your cats. I was very, very allergic to cats when I got mine and just sucked it up and lived with bad allergies. I am lucky that a daily dose of Reactine helps (as does Benadryl). Do you brush them every day? Would vacuuming daily or every other day help? As I got older my allergies have gotten better, so I don't have a problem any more.

    I hope you find a solution!

  11. hoping you feel better soon. I am also hoping you aren't allergic to the kitties!


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