Monday, September 16, 2013

Review day:

Hi,Everyone! Review day: Yay! It was a cat dress/harness,(For Saphira).The harness is black and green,and it has a little ruffle on the end of it.

What did I like about it?

-It is pretty cool and nice
-it doesn't break loose when I put it on my cat (when I walk her).
-it is quite soft on the inside of it.
-It is made just for cats:-)
-It was very easy to put on.
-Saphira loved/loves it!

What I disliked about it?

-it was a little short on her 

Go  check them out at: 

Here's the pics:
See she loves it!
Sorry this post didn't have an link!
So I re-writ it.For you guys:-)


  1. Mom says it's cute. A harness that doubles as a dress. I say it's ridiculous.We kitties are more bootiful nekkid.

  2. That is really adorable! I can't believe Saphira didn't mind wearing it! Did you train her to like it?

  3. Hi:
    I just noticed your blog on Hailey's blog ...we have one I was wondering is my daughter has a new ragdoll kitten and we were discussing the food, and wondered what you give your ragdolls to eat?

  4. I sent Kylei your blog also. This is her second ragdoll she has had. The first one was run over so she is making sure this little boy never gets outside. She has also read alot about them but I was just curious as to what you feed yours...I am sure she would love to talk to you through is my email address tho and then I will share yours with her if that is


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