Thursday, September 12, 2013

It's kinda a funny story........

Hi,everyone! Today is another one of.It's kinda a funny story.Actually...It's two funny stories! Lol;-) Anyway..Back when it was Labor Day..I went over to Cat chat (Caren&Cody's blog).To visit and say Happy Labor Day,to them.And I see my friend Nerissa has already bettin' me to it lol.And Caren is talking to Nerissa,about saying happy Labor Day to Each other,And Nerissa says:Do you know that they have Labor Day in Canada?:Well me (Ragdoll mommy).Didn't know that they have Labor Day in Canada!! LOL! But now I know.And that's all that matters right? Lol.Part two of it's kinda a funny story: Anyway.Last night,My two Ragdolls (Nico&Anya).Got in to some trouble.Me and Anya were sitting on our love seat together,And we have a table in the corner by the love seat.And my drink (Water) was on it,Because I had been reading and sitting with Anya.And everybody gets thirsty right? So Nico walks in to the room,and see's me and Anya,So I guess he wanted some lovin' from mommy.So he jumps up on the arm of the love seat,and goes to our little table in the corner.And he starts drinking my drink! And guess what? He knocked over my cup on Purpose!! How dare he right?!?!?! And of Course water goes everywhere! All on the wall and the floor and the table and himself lol! Oh and I should probably Mention my cup was glass! But good thing it didn't break! Lol.But of course I just couldn't stay mad at this face:
Mommy I'm sorry! Please forgive me! What was that mommy? You say you do? Oh good:-) 
Anya.Sorry the picture was dark! But after all it was nite (night) time! Lol.Goodbye everyone,but see ya' soon! Love Ragdoll mommy&the babies!


  1. Between time zones and broken clocks, it's hard to keep track!


  2. Good thing that cup did not have red wine, coffee or cola in it! At least one glass gets knocked over every night at dinner time when either our mom or dad are trying to chase one of us off the counter. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


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