Thursday, October 3, 2013

Frustrating Thursday!

Hi,Everyone! Today I wanted to ask you something that has been driving me INSANE!!!! 

Well, you see my cat Saphira has been knocking over her and Star's water bowl!

And it's very very very very frustrating!!!  Every time I feed 
Star's cute little face of her's!
Saphira eating. Note their water bowl is the one off of the towel I had put down to keep her from getting the good wood floors wet, by knocking over their water dish (Water bowl).
Star&Saphira. Note Star is kinda on the left and Saphira to the right hand side.
Saphira trying to fit in a box that is a lot smaller than her lol.
Saphira scratching on their scratching post. 

Anyway.......I have to I regularly put a towel under their food and water bowls to keep Saphira from ruining the floors.
This kitty of mine is Star:-)
This little trouble-maker of mine would be Saphira.
This GORGEOUS girl of mine would be Anya.Note her (And Nico's), BEAUTIFUL eyes are 100% real!!! They are not photoshopped or anything to make their eyes more blue!!  Both of my cats eyes are naturals!!!!
Anya: Why are her eyes a lot lighter in this photo than the one before???: Because this photo was taken when it was around noon time. The one before was actually taken in afternoon time, so her eyes actually look like the one before this photo!
Nico.He is one HANDSOME boy!! 

Anyway......Can anyone tell me why and how and for tips on how to make Saphira stop knocking over their water bowl??!?!?!?!


Love Ragdoll mommy&The babies~


  1. I have the same problem with the bowl of water, Blackie always ends up turning the water, I changed the dish with a larger and not resolved, I do not know why she does it. Anya's eyes and Nico are very beautiful.

  2. I always put the water bowls away from the feeding mat and put the bowls up against the wall - the only one to knock them over is me!! Mum 927 bowls knocked over - Hannah and Lucy nil.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Hi there! Thank you for passing by my blog :)! Yes the comment was for you too :) !

    I had the same problem with the water bowl with Joker. He had this thing when he was a pup that he was always knocking down the water bowl all the time! I ended up buying a water bowl with the rubber on the bottom like this one$(KGrHqFHJ!0E9p48uIFeBPdSS-uSS!~~60_58.JPG. From then on he couldn't knock the water bowl over, and our problems where finally solved!

    Anyways your cats are so beautiful!!!!

  4. Tutu likes to swirl then flick water out of some water bowls and not others. They do sometimes accidentally knock the water bowls over when they are playing but never intentionally. Not sure how to get Saphira to stop knocking the bowls over intentionally, though.


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