Thursday, October 31, 2013



Sorry I haven't post! Our internet was down:-( 
Star is a  devil! Lol! 
Saphira is wearing her bat dress for Halloween! 
And who likes our pumpkin? 
Our light-up pumpkin.
Nico&Anya went Trick or Treating! Lol
Lady is my purfect Halloween cat! She's whole black!
It's extremely rare! It's Anya with Lady! 
Note: Anya is the Ragdoll and is also on the left , Lady is the black cat.
Saphira on my desk, this morning.
This is why you don't mess with Star! 

Note: Star and Saphira got into a fight on Tuesday. As you can see Star obviously won. 
Another note: Both Star and Saphira (As for Leo too), both have claws, so Saphira could fight back. But Star is also a lot bigger than Saphira.
Saphira's Tocks.
Saphira and I.
Star asleep.
Nico helping me de-Seed Cotton, on Sunday.
Star grooming herself.
Anya and I.
Anya's gorgeous eyes!

Goodbye Everyone, but see ya' soon!

Love,Ragdoll Mommy~


  1. Olá, que bom que sua internet normalizou. Essa turma está preparada para agitar hehehe. Star você é um diabo adorável! Saphira você tem uma barriga muito bonita.

  2. Happy MeowLoLeen to you too !
    You looked really good in your costumes :)

  3. We're sorry Star and Saphira got in a fight. We sure hope things are okay now.

    We think your costumes look great. Happy MEOWloween!

  4. Star and Saphira...PLEASE be good and do NOT hurt one another again. Please. You are too precious and beautiful and loved to not be that way all of the time..loving and sweet. Happy Halloween. xoxox

  5. Happy Halloween you guys!!!!! You all are so adorble!! Love the costumes!! :)

  6. Great costumes! Have a spooktacular day! Lee and Phod

  7. Those costumes are pawsome and those pumpkins are spooky cool for Halloween.

  8. I love your pumpking. Looks scary! I hope Nico and Anya had fun trick or treating :-)

  9. Awww poor Saphira! Hope your little nose heals quickly!

  10. OMG I am so sorry I didn't get here in time! Your pumpkins are AMAZING!


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