Sunday, October 13, 2013

Not really a "fun" thing! Lol

Hi,Everyone! I've gotta tell ya' something!  Yesterday I gave Nico and Anya a bath! They did pretty good. But Nico peed in the bath tub! *yuck!* And Anya sprayed me with the shower hose! :-(

I guess it was kinda a matter of "Who gave who a bath!" If ya' really think about it.

Anyway......If you would (Not that you really would like to lol). Give your cat a bath than just.....Learn from me I guess! Lol.
Note: Nico is on the left and Anya to the right.

Love Ragdoll Mommy&The babies~


  1. If we tried to give our cats a bath, there would be a lot of blood! Lee and Phod who also hate bathes!

  2. Peeps in my house aren't allowed to give me baths. I won't allow it.


  3. I sit in my mom-persons lap when I take baths and I quite enjoy it :)
    After the bath I get fluffed with the hairdryer.
    YES I'm a very good boy says my mom :)

  4. It was funny! I've also ended up taking a bath with my cat, so I gave up giving baths hehe
    good week

  5. We're not laffin....really...we're not....

    The Florida Furkids

  6. OMC. That's funny (but don't tell Anya and Nico we said that, okay?).


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