Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Paw Project, needs your help NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello, Everyone! Today you must listen to me! It's very very very important!!! I swear it!!

If you are for declawing cats, then you might not wanna hear what I have to say. For those of you that are not for declawing, then you will definitely want to read this! Okay.... Who has heard of The Paw Project? You gotta see these amazing people! Go check out The Paw Project at:

Go check out a short video of the movie at:

The Paw Project is working very hard to ban declawing in the U.S.A!

I have recently received a email from The Paw Project, themselves! Because I have recently asked them when is their movie coming out; They told me about The Paw Project and stuff, but they have also told me that they only have like 6 days, to sell 54 movie tickets to people!!! The Paw Project needs your help NOW!!!!  The reason why they are trying to sell movie tickets to people so fast, is because 1: People should see it! 2: The Paw Project needs help to ban cat declawing in Colorado, the whole state of it!!

Please please please, Support The Paw Project in banning declawing!

We can make a difference in this world, please let's stop declawing TODAY!!!!!!!

Thank you!

For more info on declawing, please go visit The Paw Project's website, and make a donation or join their mailing list (Like I did).


Ps: I will post pictures of my Ragdolls tomorrow too.

Love,Ragdoll Mommy~ 


  1. Declawing is horrible and cruel, for sure! We'll go and check out the Paw Project now. Thanks for sharing with us, friends!

  2. We are totally against declawing and sure glad to see someone is going to bat on that subject. Take care.

  3. Isso é uma crueldade, aqui no Brasil isso é proibido.
    Gostei que você tocou no assunto.

  4. The declawing debate is not one I am overly interested in. I think it is far more important to stop gassing dogs and cats in shelters, stopping mill breeding, and having tougher laws for animal abuse and neglect. Once we have solved those problems, I will put more time into declawing, however, I respect everyone's right to support whatever causes are near and dear to their hearts.

    1. Declawing is cruel there is a reason why in so many countries this practice is banned. Everything from gassing dogs and cats in shelters, puppy mills, and animal abuse is on the same level. There isn't one least worst than another. They all need to be banned.

    2. I agree!

      I am also with The Paw Project, with banning the horrible declawing!

      I also agree that animal abuse and gassing dogs and cats and declawing and debarking and docking and cropping and "cutting off" cows tails and pigs too, needs to stop! ; And puppy and kitten and Ragdoll mills needs to stop!!! ; And drinking and driving NEEDS to stop!!!!! As for texting and driving too! ; And smoking should stop too!!!

      That shit is just sick!!!

      Ragdoll Mommy~

  5. Thanks for the Paw Project and their work hope their movie will help with the understanding of the use of our claws.

  6. Declawing is nothing but animal cruelty. It is important to educate people what declawing does to kitties and stop them from doing that. I totally support banning declawing!
    Thank you for birthday wishes for Niko. He had a good birthday :-)


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