Saturday, November 30, 2013

Day two in Sarasota, Florida.

Hi, Everyone! 

As I told you yesterday, I am in Sarasota, Florida. I truly do miss my cats a lot!
Anya and I on Friday. That cat really loves me!
She is so sweet!

Miss you Anya!
I miss you Nico!

<3, Ragdoll Mommy~



  1. They are so sweet! Being away from them must be very hard! What a nice homecoming you'll have. After they tell you in no uncertain terms do NOT do that again!

  2. I always miss my babies whenever I am gone and I talk to them all the way home at various times, telling them I am coming home...I'll be there soon.

  3. My mom-person miss me too whenever she is travelling without me :)


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