Monday, November 4, 2013


Hi, Everyone! 

Nico and Anya here:
Nico: Hey, can I come in?
Anya: No, bet it!
Nico: Fine, now you've done it, sister! 
Anya: Nico, do you want me to tell mom on you? 
Nico: Alright! That's it! I am now seriously coming in! 
Anya: I'd love to see you try! 
Nico: Fine, maybe I can come in through the roof?      Anya: Like I said, I'd love to see you try! 
Nico: I am comin' in!
Anya: *sigh*, For the third  time like I said... I'd love to see you try! 
Nico: Hey, where'd ya' go?
Anya: You idiot! I am still in here! Unlike you! LOL! 

Psst: Someone has recently accused us for calling them a dumb ass, which I did no such thing!! 
Just because I give my opinions on Life With Ragdolls (AKA MY blog), that dosen't mean you have to agree with me. You can agree with me if you like, and you can also have your own opinions, just like me. I support everyone's opinion(s), however I support MINE a lot stronger! 
If you feel offended by my very rarely used cussing on Life With Ragdolls, then you feel 100% welcome to leave, as it's not your blog!  
The word "idiot" was only being used for Nico&Anya's Conversation, we are not calling anyone names!


Psst again: Someone has recently told us that they were having trouble with leaving us a comment. Is anyone else having any problems on my blog???? If so please please please let me KNOW!!!!!


Sincerely, the Ragdoll Mommy~


  1. Hahaha, looks like Nico is trying really really hard to come in there :-) You are both such cute babies! I love your tree very much. That looks very nice cozy spot!

  2. Hehehe! I love this cat interaction!!!!
    Love you friends!

  3. Hello! We read about you on FB and came on over to introduce ourselves...we are 13 kitties who live in Las Vegas, glad to meetcha!

  4. Hello again...we belong to a group of cat lovers on FB and a couple of members mentioned a new commenter, so I had to stop over and say hello! Don't panic--I'm not a weirdo stalker or anything! :) Us cat bloggers are just a friendly bunch!

    Mommy Trish


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