Saturday, December 28, 2013

Our World Is a Litter Box, lol


A while ago, I was asked if I liked a hooded litter box ( the one with a lid), or the kind without a lid ( no lid litter box), for my cats. 

Very easy question; I like the hooded ones better! Why? Let me line up what I like and don't like about both of those boxes:

What do I like about the hooded litter boxes?

1: it helps with the awful smell.
2: I think Anya likes them better, because she is a little shy and probably feels a lot safer in them.
3: my cats like to watch each other in the litter box, and the hooded box seems to give them a little privacy, lol.... 
4: the lid of a hooded litter box, can make a nice seat for them, Lol. 
5: my cats don't bother Anya as much, while she's in the litter box; as Anya gets botherd a lot by Nico while she's in the litter box, but this way he can't bother her.
6: my cats don't throw litter everywhere as much;-)

What do I dislike about the  hooded litter boxes? 

1: they are a pain in the ass to clean!
2: you have to take off the lid every single time you wanna clean it. 
3: you have to regularly dust off the lid as it gets pretty dirty. 
4: if you like to use those litter box liners, ( the bags in the litter box), then the hooded litter box is a pain just for you, lol;-) 
5: the hooded litter boxes are more exspensive than the no hooded litter box; you can get a good hooded box for about $16 to $25 dollars. A no hooded box is about $7 to $10 or $12 dollars. 
6: when you move the litter box, ( to maybe clean around it), you're going to have to pick it up by the handle, which might snap or if the lid wasn't put on right, it might fall off, then litter goes everywhere! Making you have to clean even more! Ugh.

What do I like about the no hooded litter boxes? 

1: since they have no lid, it's easier to clean.
2: you have no lid to dust.
3: it's cheaper.
4: it's easier to clean out the whole litter box once a month. 
5: it's easier to move around. 
6: Star likes them better.

What do I dislike about the no hooded litter boxes?

1: they smell.
2: since their cheaper than the hooded litter boxes, you might have to replace them maybe once a year or so. 
3: my cats throw litter out of the no hooded litter boxes a lot! 
4: my cats will sometimes "miss the box", if you know what I mean;-( lol.
5: my cats will sometimes crap on the floor; Star is famous for that lol;-(
6: Star likes them, I wish she'd use a hooded one, but whatever. Lol;-) 

Ragdoll Mommy ( human), and Anya ( Ragdoll Cat). 
Nico. Yeah, that's his new hang-out, Lol.

I hope I answered all of your questions about what I think about litter boxes. 

Ragdoll Mommy~


  1. The favorite in my house are the hooded kind , for the same reason's you list :)
    Happy CATurday !

  2. We tried the hooded type but the cats wouldn't go in it, so we just use it with the lid off. I guess old cats don't like change! Lee and Phod

  3. We don't like the hooded boxes. We feel too confined in them. So when we had one, we wouldn't use it. That made the mom take the top off and leave it off.

    We're glad Anya likes the hooded box. The mom wishes we liked it for all the reasons you mentioned.


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