Saturday, January 11, 2014

Hi-ya Everyone,

Today we leave for Gainesville, Florida.

Here's some pictures of Nico&Anya:
This is Anya as a teenager? So about 1 or 2-years old. (She is now 5-years old). 
Anya at 5-years old.
This is Nico as a teenager? So at about 1 or 2-years old.(He is now 5-years old). 
This is Nico now at 5-years old.

NOTE: The pictures of Nico&Anya as teenagers are not mine, I used them from their breeder's website; please do not use any of these pictures, that includes scanning them or copying them or posting them to Facebook or any other site; including your own blog. Also please don't use my pictures or content without my permission, I have had my pictures stolen before and I don't want it happening again. Thank you!

Ragdoll Mommy~




  1. They're so beautiful! I love it when kitties do the arm dangle. Have a good trip to Gainesville!

  2. They are very cute, at any age! You might want to look into watermarking your pictures if they've been stolen. I've thought about it, but I dont think anyone wants my pictures, lol

  3. Nico and Anya are very beautiful from small !!!!!! Very beautiful photos of them !!!!
    Have a great Sunday !!!!
    A meow of Frida

  4. Oooh did the breeder have Woffies too ?!
    I know I would have hissed and waved my paws a lot then :)
    Have a nice trip to Florida !

  5. They are the prettiest Ragdolls I have ever seen!!!!!!!


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