Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Our Winter Wonderland/ Anya&Ragdoll Mommy's Snow Adventure

OMG!! It SNOWED!!!! Ya-fuckin' hoo!!!!! 

This is my first time seeing snow since I was a baby! Yeppers, you heard that one! Also it's Anya's first ever time seeing snow; that I know of.
Anya in Florida's snow.
Anya on our car hood.
Her first pic I took of her in the snow! 
Anya trying to take us back home, lol.
Mirage-Girl. (Anya).
Anya woke me up at 7 am to let me know that it snowed, so I put on my jacket and shoes/socks and put on Anya's harness and leash and her dress and then I ran out in the snow with her in my arms. She f*cking LOVES snow!!! 
It's good to be home!

Sadly I didn't take Nico, because he doesn't have any clothes to put on him, so I didn't take him; 'cause I thought he would have gotten cold. 

Now, I have snow to see and pictures to take! Lol, So bye.

Ragdoll Mommy~


  1. Must be nice to see the snow !!!!! Unfortunately, it does not snow where we live ! :(
    And Anya was super beautiful with this dress !!!!! Very cute !!!!
    A meow of Sofia and Frida

  2. You finally got your snow! Anya is so cute in her little dress...but I bet she was ready to go back inside after walking in the cold.

  3. Wow snow in Florida! We got snow, too. How nice Anya enjoyed the snow. What a special experience :-)
    But sure good to be home. Stay warm!

  4. Snow in Florida - how crazy is that! WE call what you have a dusting. We don't even consider it snow! Enjoy it while it lasts. Lee and Phod

  5. Wow! That's really exciting that you got snow in South Florida! And it's great that Anya got to check it out live and in (cat) person! Have fun and stay warm. :)

  6. Great photos! Snow in Florida, that's pretty crazy!

  7. We got a good snow here but I used to live in FL so I would have loved that.

  8. How great that you are all loving your first-time-snow this much. Sad for Nico, though. The poor cat has no idea what he's missing :-)

  9. WHOA!!! You guyz luvz de snow so much! we send sum ov owrz down to you in de teleporter!! ^.,^ x5 We efen send sum frozen fish too!!

    We suppoze to say "Thank You" fur stoppin by wif de kind wurdz & purrayerz fur owr brofur Sunny ♥♥

    Headbuttz~ ^.,^ x5

  10. So adorable! Love her little dress! That is cute that she loves snow!


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