Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tadpole Tuesday And We're Gonna Get Snow??? What??? NO way!!!!!! Lol


Sorry for my late posting:-( Internet was down, so here I am now;-) Tonite we might actually get an inch of......... Wait for it! SNOW!!!!!!!!!! YAHOOOOOOOOO! But let's not get too excited 'cause it might not, but from what I hear/heard it's 100% calling for snow. Yay, for ME! Psst.... I'm from Florida! 
Ps: it's raining right now and it's 30 degrees. 

"You left paw prints on my heart"
-Ragdoll Mommy

Ragdoll Mommy~


  1. I tell ya, this weather is wacky! Let us know if you actually get snow, okay? :)

  2. If you want snow I hope you get it! You could always come up here and see a couple of feet lol

  3. Enjoy your snow! We have lots of extra up here in Detroit if you need more.


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