Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Day At The Beach


Yesterday I went to the beach. Yeah, you're probably thinking we're weird in all but, we live in Florida. Wednsday it iced, Thursday I slept in way too late, Friday we just stayed home and Saturday? We went to the beach, Sunday we will probably stay home.

I got to play in ice on Wednsday and go to the beach on Saturday, all under one week! Congratulations to me! Lol

This is my favorite picture I took yesterday!! 
This was the first one I took.
Beautiful, right?
Ragdoll Mommy feet:-) Yes, I know jeans were actually a good idea, 'cause it got cold; fast!
This is not a bad camrea or even a bad picture, that was fog!! So we left.....

Ragdoll Mommy x Nico+Anya~


  1. We're near beaches too here but sadly the only thing you'd get is rigor mortis from going near the sea at this time!

    Ps. I've left a little pic for you on gone beading!

  2. Glad you liked your pic. It was just too good not to snap when I saw it after our little apple banter this week.

    It is a small 'repair' shop that seems to fix apple and other products on Argyle St at Finnieston in Glasgow. I love little witty, quirky things.

  3. Lovely pictures on the ocean !

  4. Beautiful photos of the beach! We had snow on Tuesday and it is warm like spring today :-)

  5. Gostei das fotos, é muito bom ficar observando o mar, lamento que o nevoeiro atrapalhou.
    Boa semana

  6. Nice pics! It's so cold here...we can only dream of going to the beach.

  7. You're lucky to live near the beach! My nephew used to live in Hawaii and he took his cat Wafer to the beach all the time on a leash...funny kitty!

  8. What a beautiful beach! It is crazy that even Florida is getting icy this winter. My dad told me that is was even in the 30's at one point (he lives in Florida). I'm glad to see that life is good :)

  9. Very beautiful this beach !!!!
    A meow of Sofia


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