Saturday, February 22, 2014


This cat was acting very bizarre last night. I went in my room with her to brush her as her hair was everywhere, so I was just brushing her and she was just purring; what she always does, so I just continued with what I was doing, she then rolled over so I just pet her stomach. She then rolled over again, and purred then climbed into my lap; extremely rare. I didn't dare move, this shit is too rare to mess it up, while she was sitting in my lap she did this very weird meow; I have never heard her do this before, in fact if I didn't know her I would have no idea what had made that noise! I just petted her, she then PURRED like there was no tomorrow! She then rubbed her face on me and the floor, I petted her harder than I've ever done, she loved that. Then she made very weird noises. Then I picked her up, she loved that; Anya doesn't really like being held!! 
Then I put her back on the floor, she rolled over and I petted her head, she then pissed on the floor; at the time I was unaware of this. So I petted her some more. She then became the most AFFECTIONATE cat in the world!!!!

Don't tell me this was just her being very affectionate, I've never seen this before!

I Googled this afterwards, this was what they thought about Anya's bizarre behavior:

* Cat in heat.

* Cat orgasm.

Anya is NOT in heat; she is spayed. 

Can a cat even have an orgasm??? Didn't know what this was, had to Google it. I actually regret doing that, lol. 


Ragdoll Mommy.......

Note: please, no nasty comments about that kind of stuff. I will delete them. Please just tell me want I did to my cat. Thanks.


  1. An interesting situation! Unfortunately, I have no learned explanations to offer, and even I won't "go there". It sounds like Anya has a personal stash of catnip, but of course that doesn't happen in the real world. It seems unlikely that something else would cause that reaction. Is it possible that Anya found some actual catnip somewhere in the house?

    Thank you very much for visiting Gracie at TLOA...we appreciate it!

  2. This is what my cat Avalon used to do all the time (apart from the peeing). He became more affectionate over the years.

  3. On of our male cats, who is neutered use to "squirt" a little when he got too happy.

  4. Absolutely no idea, but then cats are definitely a law unto themselves! Maybe just finally realising that human's are good for cuddles or has burst through a catnip toy and has gone a bit spacey.

  5. WOW! Could she have a bladder infection? Only because she peed. Possible catnip induced behavior?

  6. Oh my god lol. I have no clue!

  7. I have no clue, but if she continues to exhibit odd behavior and pees, I'd get her to the vet.

  8. not sure if my comment took, I said "omg I am speechless!"


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