Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Review Day On Wednesday:

We all tease one another every now n' again, right? We've teased friends, our children, our husband or wife, and yeah, kids you've teased your siblings...... We all know that. :-)

But have you ever thought of teasing your cat? I sure as hell have thought of it! In fact, I've done it..... Lol, anywayz now you can with this Teaser Cat Toy! Go check them out at:

We got to review a cat toy for Saphira and Star. So let's jump on it!

This Teaser Cat Toy, is made out of craft wood-I guess you could say, and the actuall cat toy is made up of feathers and a bit of string. 
Here's the toy.
Oh, by the way; the Teaser also came with a mouse. 
Cat Teaser toy.
Saphira playing.
Saphira playing with the mouse.
As you can see, she loves them both; lots!!

Here's a bit about their Esty shop:

Welcome to Paws of Fury Cat Toys! I make durable, fun toys for your cat or kitten.

My cats are Gandalf (a big friendly gray and white fellow) and Cueball (a small and strange tabby cat.) Gandalf and Cueball graciously play-test all my designs for durability and entertainment value.

I love making things to entertain cats, and my favorite are the wand-style toys that allow a human to play too! My designs generally include real feathers and/or catnip, because I've found that these things drive most cats into a racing, pouncing frenzy.

Thanks for stopping by, and I wish good times for you and your furry pal.


  1. Avalon loved this type of toy. Actually, it was his absolute favorite. Have a lovely Wednesday.

  2. Cats are such fun to play with!

  3. That teaser looks very fun as a fan of wand toys it looks cool.


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