Monday, February 17, 2014

Review Day:

Good morning, everyone!

Today we have another review day! Yahoo! We got to review an absolutely adorable cat/dog dress for Anya. You can go see where all the fun is at at:

This gorgeous dress is made out of blue denim with little tiny rhinestones on the end and front of the dress and it came with a hoodie! How adorable is that?! 
It also came with a d-ring so it's a "harness-dress", and it came with an adorable big pink bow to match!! This is the total dress for a Fashion-Girl like Anya herself! 
I absolutely adore this dress! 
Here it is. Just wait 'till you see it on my cat!
Anya rockin' it.

Star likes it as a bed, lol.

Personally I prefer Anya without the 

hoodie, but both ways are still very cute! and Anya was an absolute master at letting me put this on 
her; as she doesn't really like stuff being put on her head. 
And from the side.

A much closer view of Anya and her li'l 
dress. NOTE: the cat leash wasn't at all part of the review. And either cat nor human suffered in the 
making of this review, and kitty was then given a break and one treat for being so good/patient, Lol.


The big pink bow.

The underside.


* Just absolutely adorable and it might just be one of my favorite dresses I've ever seen/owned. 

* I loved the little rhinestones on the hoodie part and the back of the dress.

* Love the fact that it has a hoodie with it.

* Since the dress is "one-of-a-kind" meaning that there's only one available and I have it, I liked that.

* Love the big pink bow on it!

* Costumer service wasn't too bad.

* Not bad on the shipping.

* It came in a pretty little red bag, that I liked.


* I didn't like the "unfinished" edges on the dress. (See in the photo above).

* The dress was a little pricy; $35 dollars.

* A few of the rhinestones on it have fallen off, I think. 


Ragdoll Mommy~


  1. She is so adorable I can hardly stand it! Oh how adorable!!!! I gave never seen a ladycat more adorable in a dress!!

  2. This is really cute dress! I love the denim material with pink bow...and hoodie!


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