Saturday, February 8, 2014

Review day:

Good morning, everyone!

Today is another review day! Yay! So let's jump on it. Go check them out at:

We got to review a fabulous Kitty Lounger for Nico and Anya. These Kitty Loungers come in a lot of colors and patterns and two sizes; large and mini. We got to review the size large, because I have two cats that weigh 14lbs (Nico) and 13lbs (Anya) so that's a total of 27lbs and this Kitty Lounger (large) can hold cats up to 35lbs (fatty). The large size can also hold Nico and Anya together/they can both fit on it at the same time, which is good because both of them need one. I think the mini can hold cats up to 14lbs? Maybe.
The pattern/color we got to review is called "Neptune" and it's pretty beautiful. There were a few other colors I liked, but I really liked Neptune; I liked maybe two or three other colors that weren't Neptune, but I really didn't care for the other ones;-) 

You can get this Lounger for $125 dollars....
Anya knows how to do this!

The bottom of it.

Bed-time kitties!

Anya poses for the review and the camera!!
My handsome-lookin' dude.
At the beginning, Nico couldn't figure 
out how to do it, lol. 

What did I dislike about this Kitty Lounger?

* It was hard to build. But might be easier with two people?

* Pricy.

* It came with little stickers to stick on the feet of the Lounger, and they were a pain-in-the-ass to put on. I immediately thought it might have been a good idea if they made it with the sticker things already on it. 

* While it doesn't break if you move it, however if you do put it upside down, it does wobble and sometimes it breaks or the cover thing comes off and then the whole thing breaks, lol.

What did I like about this Lounger?

* Cats love it!

* Fast shipping and friendly customer service.

* Lots of patterns and colors to choose from.

* I loved Nepune!

Ragdoll Mommy~


  1. That's a really cool looking lounger!

  2. What a cool this lounger !!!!! Anya and Nico were lying very chic in it !!!!!
    Have a great weekend !!!!
    A meow of Frida

  3. This lounger is sooo cool! We want one too!!!!!! :-D Have a Purrfect Sunday! :-) xoxo Roxy & Tigerlino


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