Friday, February 21, 2014

The racistness that people bitch about, just because of my cat's Mitted parents

So, a while ago I read somewhere that Nico (my Blue Bicolor Ragdoll) is not a Bicolor, but rather a "High Mitted". Because of his two Mitted parents, he is so-called a High Mitted, because of his lack of Bicolor parents. A High Mitted is also generally said or called I guess you could say, because of the cat's screwed up markings, making the cat look more like a Mitted cat than a Bicolor cat, now Anya is a Mitted cat (Blue Mitted), so this is not an actuall Mitted cat (I'm talking about the High Mitted), Anya is not a High Mitted.
This is a Seal Bicolor High Mitted Ragdoll cat, this ugly cat is mismarked; you can tell by it's colored legs, Bicolors are not suppose to have that. And by it's too small of it's inverted "V" on it's face. Another thing Bicolors are not so suppose to have; god bless this ugly cat!
Compare that to this handsome, sexy, beautiful, smart, loving girl-magnet, kind of guy. Nico is a Blue Bicolor, so he looks a lot different than the cat above him, but the cat above is suppose to look like Nico. So in my opinion, Nico looks nothing like that cat above; regardless of his Mitted parents. While, yes I totally understand that Nico has Mitted-blood in him, because of his parents but I just don't see it on the outside, Nico totally looks like a True Bicolor ( A True Bicolor is not a perfectly marked Bicolor, it just looks like Nico). 

I love this cat like there's NO TOMORROW, so don't you think I'm just bitching about his color because I am unhappy about him. Bull-shit if you think I don't. 

This is a Blue Bicolor High Mitted Ragdoll cat. 
Nico is obviously better marked than the cat above, this is how a True Bicolor would look, there's no way in hell Nico is a High Mitted!

Nico has no color once so ever on his white legs, this is good. That's another sign that Nico is not a High Mitted.

Ps: Nico is a Show Quality Ragdoll cat and he has no mismarkings. Anywhere.

What are your thoughts on this???

Ragdoll Mommy x Nico~


  1. I've never had a pedigree cat so I don't really get the finer points of show characteristics. Your two cats are just absolutely heartmeltingly gorgeous as far as I am concerned.

  2. Well, please don't hate on us but we don't understand the finer points either. We DO think, however, that Nico is absolutely paws down gorgeous! As for that first kitty photo....well, Mum says she would have to love him because he is really weird looking. Do you show Nico at all? And, because we're so all Ragdolls have blue eyes?

  3. Fascinating- I had no idea about all this will have to study in detail. Though my own darling, lady Beatrice came from a rescue place and we are delighted to have her, no matter who her parents were... Xx

  4. All we know is that we love Nico and Anya, and think they are both GORGEOUS!

  5. We don't know very much about it either, but we do know your kitties are gorgeous! Momma loves ragdolls' pretty blue eyes.

    And we like da first kitty too - it looks like he's wearing socks, MOL!

  6. Nico is PERFECT! So don't let anyone tell you otherwise! He's a perfect and beautiful little sweetie! :-) xoxo Roxy & Tigerlino

  7. Well, we think Anya and Nico are just gorgeous...and that's all that matters. :)

  8. The first cat is unique and beautiful in my eyes. I don't know why it is so important to some people with purebreds to hate on a cat because it is not perfect according to show standards. With all the problems in the world concerning war, hunger, abuse, homelessness, not to mention all the ones in animal rescue- surely what colors or markings a cat has is not something to lose sleep over?! There are thousands of cats including purebreds, who are dumped in shelters or on the street and killed everyday, why not put aside breed superiority and snobbery and do something worthwhile and do what you can to get involved at your local rescue to do what you can? Your cats are gorgeous and these ignorant and pompous individuals need to get a life instead of insulting your cats as a means to insult you. Just ignore them, cuddle your beauties, and know that a TRUE cat fancier loves cats for more than their looks- they love them for the fellow living being they are and give them that respect.

    FYI- I am NOT meaning to imply that I believe you to be like those I am referring to in my comment. I am talking about the types that criticized your mancat.

    1. It's a hobby and a lifestyle for some people. Debating show standards has nothing to do with hunger, homelessness or abuse. You can show an animal and still have rescues and volunteer. I know full eel there are some very rude and snobby people in the show world, but there's also some that are in it because they love their breed, and there's nothing wrong with that.

    2. Ms. Phoebe,

      You should know that I AM the admin of this blog. You have insulted me greatly and I highly disprove of your comment. Nola's comment is right. You're lying about how purebreds have something to do with war, hunger, homelessness, and abuse. How you wrote that people who love show standards are snobs well, I am one of those people. If I find your IP address I will block you from this website. You've really pissed me off--if I could show my middle finger through this screen, you'd be seeing it.


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