Monday, March 24, 2014

Review Day:

Hey guys!

Today is another review day! Yay! How awesome is that?! 

As many of you know I am a huge fan of the pet product company Mirage, they make cat collars, dog collars, dog leashes, cat leashes, harnesses, etc. I've actually bought a cat collar from them for Anya--well, the collar came from Amazon. Com but it was still made by Mirage. I was a bit disappointed on the collar I bought as it didn't fit; and it was a size 10, well there goes $25 dollars down the drain, lol. I admit, I was awfully disappointed:-/ Oh well, life goes on; well, for some people..... 
But regardless the quality wasn't that bad. I love the collar I bought Anya, I always dream of her wearing it and actually fitting in it, maybe some dreams just never come true--**sigh**. Anyways, I wish I had a picture of Anya's collar/Anya wearing it to put in this review post I'm writing, if only the collar could be included in this review. 

NOTE: This collar's disappointment has nothing to do with Mirage (The company) and nothing to do with this review; as this collar was not a review, I plaid $25 dollars for it so this is no review. I am not writing this post with the collar to try and get out of writing it for the review I am about to do, its not the company's fault I didn't measure Anya's neck in the first place--its my fault. I take full responsibility knowing that I should of measured Anya's neck before buying it. Comments saying that Mirage should have given me a gift card and/or my money back will be deleted, they already offered me a bigger size; with the cost of shipping; I didn't take it. I knew it was my fault; well, now I know that it was, so I guess I felt kinda guilty for them offering me a bigger size, ugh I don't know what I felt. But I hesitated taking it, and therefore never did.

Now, let's get to that review I did to do! Lol.

This is a cat or dog harness in case I didn't say, **looks up** whoops, guess I forgot to. This beautiful harness comes in 8 different colors; Blue, Gold, Silver (the one I reviewed), Red, White,  Purple, Pink, and last but certainly not least Black. The color Silver was my first favorite, so I decided I'd do the review for that one. Well, actually Blue is my real favorite color.
This harness comes from Collar Planet
By the way, did I mention that these harnesses have crystals in them? Its true, they do; the one I reviewed has 48 crystals in it, now I might've miscounted but I'm pretty sure that 48 was pretty accurate, in fact if I've counted right then yes, I am right, how good am I? Lol. 
And yes, these crystals are real indeed they are. In fact they're Handset Australian Crystals!! To me crystals are very valuable and just one of the prettiest things on this planet. I love crystals, and yes diamonds are crystals; I am no crystallographer (someone who studies crystals, though I think that would be a bad ass job/hobby! ), but I do know that these are real crystals, how to tell? Easy--but first since these crystals are small so it maybe harder to do then with bigger ones, but anyway--do your crystals make a sparkling effect when they hit the light? Preferably the sun? If so then they may be actual crystals you got there! If not its likely that some lil' bast*rd has ripped you off; its likely that it's a fake glass crystal(s) to make it look the the real thing, when really it's not. Another way to tell is to gently (very gently) scratch your fingernail acrossed your so-called-crystal or crystals; warning: may not be the brightest idea if your so-called-crystal(s) is on a wedding ring or something that you might've paid hundreds or even thousands of dollars for, as this may leave a very tiny scratch on it; but like I said if  you're gently its unlikely that this will happen. Another way to tell is to gently and I mean gently bang it against something or someone jk! (Just kidding.) but anyway, gently bang it against something or gently tap it with a ink pen (do not use the actual ink pen part that you write with; there is a possibility that it will scratch your so-called-crystals with the ink and leave a nasty mark, trust me you don't want that happening! ), so gently tap it, if it breaks-- well, then it breaks, but it probably won't. If it chips, then it's probably just plain old glass, if it doesn't it may be a crystal. Or you could always ask a crystallographer! (someone who studies crystals), lol. 
The blue crystals of my bracelet are fake; but beautiful, the ones in Anya's harness are real and beautiful. See the difference? The ones in my bracelet look like glass or a plastic type material, now on the other hand the ones in Anya's harness are real, I don't think they are man-made; meaning that they were made by man not by nature. Beautiful regardless of what they are. I absolutely love crystals. Period. End of discussion. 

Anya looks absolutely beautiful in this harness, here's a pic:
I know she's kinda hiding herself from the camera, because after all--who wants to pose for a picture that's going all over the internet for millions of people you don't even know to see?
Around da neck.
The back.


* Actually made in the U.S.A--very, very, rare these days! 

* Real Handset Australian Crystals.

* Fast shipping and friendly costumer service.

* Nicely made.

* Great company.

* Great Quality.

* Lots of colors to choose from.

* Just a great harness over all.


* I disliked the way the straps on it went in to adjusted. 

* Kinda a pain to put on.

* The silvery material used to make the harness was almost like this tin-foilly feeling, and it does leave marks on the harness the more times you use it.

I am 98% satisfied with this harness.

Ps: this harness is made by Mirage, but we reviewed it from Collar Planet. 
Ps: this is a "Comfort harness".
Ps: this harness is $23.99 dollars. 


Ragdoll Mommy~


  1. it is a very pretty collar/harness. Too bad it doesn't fit.

    1. No no, the collar I brought did not fit, the harness on the other hand DID fit.

  2. É muito bonito, lamento que Anya não possa usá-lo.

    1. The collar I brought didn't fit; the harness does.

  3. Wow the silver harness is gorgeous! Anya looks beautiful in it.
    Sorry the collar you got through Amazon didn't fit. But it's very nice of Mirage to offer the bigger size!

  4. It's very pretty! And it looks good on Anya.

  5. I have been around cats my whole life,(growing up and my sisters have continuously had cats) though I don't personally have a cat, and I have never seen a cat harness. I don't know if any of our cats would have taken to one though.For some reason my neighbors cat has taken a shine to me. Everytime I come home she comes over to me for some scratchies. I know the spots.

    1. WOW! You've never seen a cat harness? You need to make a trip to Petsmart or something, lol. Just kidding:-)


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