Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Reviews From Chewy. Com:


Today we have another review for you guys today, this time we did a review for one of our favorite companies, Chewy.ComThey let us do a review for two kinds of cat treats, one from Hill's Science Diet, and one from Orijen cat treats! If you haven't given your cat Orijen cat treats, then I highly recommend that you do!  Cats absolutely love them!! In fact Star, Saphira, Nico, and Anya loved them so much that they literally demolished them in one day! And no, I'm not the kind of person who gives their pets endless treats on end, my lil' f#cks got into them when they were on my nightstand one day while I wasn't home, and no they didn't just take a few and leave, they took them all and then left. If you're wanting to know which Iil' f#cks did this, then it was my littlest f#cks, (A.K.A Nico&Anya). I know that because the two older f#cks (A.K.A Star&Saphira) would have eaten them all and then hid the bag somewhere where it would take me months on end to find out and who did it. They are experienced f#cks, unlike Nico&Anya where they just left the bag sitting on the floor right where I could see it, LOL!
Naughty Iil' sh#t-heads! 
Yeah, you see this? They ate them all before I had the chance to do the review for them!!
I'm just grateful I at least remembered to take the pictures so I could write the review! That was 364 cat treats!!! Well, on the bright side at least these are pretty much just freeze dried chicken and chicken liver! Which is actually pretty good; I'm NOT lying, I actually tried one (or two....) they are pretty darn good actually....

I wonder if Orijen has ever tried making these for people? In my opinion, they should as these are delicious--just sayin'.....

I wish I had a picture of the cats eating them, but I don't as they well, ate every last single one! Ugh, cats, no offense Star, Saphira, Nico, and Anya!


* Fast shipping and friendly customer service.

* Good prices.

* GREAT ingredients!

* Cats obviously loved them!

* Soft and easy to break up for training/splitting up; and when I said splitting up, I meant for like when there's only one left and I needed to split it between 4 cats. But in this case that didn't need to have happened (scroll up).

* No nasty ingredients or artificial flavors or colors.


* The answer is: n.o.t.h.i.n.g! 


As for the Hill's Science Diet cat treats, the cats didn't really care for them too much. 
But on the bright side, they're all natural and made in the USA. 
The cat treats.
Star did get curious when I opened them though.
Now these I didn't try. 'Cause they got a few nasty ingredients in them, but then again I ate chicken liver cat treats!
Star going in for the kill, lol.


* Fast shipping and friendly customer service.

* The ingredients were okay, I guess.

* They actually smelt kinda nice.

* Good prices!


* Cats disliked them; but every cat is different, like people.

* A few not-so-good-ingredients.


Ragdoll Mommy~ 


  1. LOL.. I love that you tried them!! I'm not a fan of Hills in general so I can't imagine ever feeding anything they make to my cats. but they too LOVE the Orijen

    1. Yes, I know. I dislike Hill's too. But it's my review;-)

  2. LOL, oh your kitties are so naughty! But sounds like the Orijen treat was a huge hit! I've tried some of kitty foods myself, too :-)

  3. Well I like Hills and I don't have a cat. Ok I made that up.

  4. Thanks for trying them! We don't like Hills either! So we'll steer clear of those treats! xoxo Roxy & Tigerlino <3

  5. Those treat look nommy. Thanks for those reviews!


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