Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How Star, Saphira, Nico, and Anya Got Their Names


So, I offen get a lot of requests that people tell me how the cats got their names, so let's go to it. 
Saphira was named by my older sister, and as many of you may know, the name "Saphira" comes from a book called "Eragon" and there's a dragon in the book called "Saphira",  so there you have it "Saphira" was named after a dragon. :-)

Star was named by me, she didn't have a name when we got her and Saphira on October 20th, Friday 2006. (Saphira also didn't have a name), her name was almost "Root Beer" (Yes, like the beverage lol.) Star got her name after we were staying out late watching the stars in the backyard (We lived out in the country back then), so she was named after the stars and because of her gray tail. So that's how Star got her name. Interesting story eh? ;-)

Nico was named by his former owner, off of a baby name website.  After his former owner and I exchanged a conversation through texting, I couldn't help but ask how he got his name. So she (Former owner) replied with a: "I researched online baby names and I really liked those 2 (Two) best:-) "
If I had changed his name after we had gotten them, his name would probably have been "Nathan" or I would have kept it as Nico, as I didn't really have a lot of names written down on a piece of paper. Like I did with Anya, though Nico had a few "future names" as well, I decided to stick with Nico as he was already 3 at the time; almost 4. So that's how Nico got his name. :-)

Anya was named by her former owner, off of a baby name website. Like I said with Nico, after I and their former owner started a conversation through texting, I couldn't help but ask how they got their names. She (Former owner) replied with a: "I researched online baby names and I really liked those 2 (Two) best:-) ". 
If I had changed her name after we had gotten them, her name would most definitely have been  "Delilah", as I reaaaallly love that name; especially for a Ragdoll cat like Anya. I highly disliked the name Anya when I saw them (Nico&Anya) on a website for sale in 2011. But after a while I came to love her name, even if it wasn't Delilah. I decided if I was to keep Nico's name then I was going to keep Anya's name as well. I'm really glad I did, as I now want to save those two names (Delilah and Nathan) for my future Ragdolls. Delilah a Chocolate Bicolor Ragdoll and Nathan a Sealpoint Ragdoll. :-)
I'm so glad I kept the names "Nico" and "Anya".

In my opinion the names Star, Saphira, Nico, and Anya are some of the most beautiful/handsome and awesome names the world can offer! :-) 

So, that begs the question, why did you name your cat or dog the name that they have now? Or did you not name them like I didn't with Saphira, Nico and Anya?

Hugs, kisses and warmest regards,
Ragdoll Mommy x Star&Saphira x Nico&Anya~


  1. The names are as beautiful as the cats ;-)

  2. All the names fit your fur babies very well. I love how Star got her name :-)
    Nathan and Deliah are very cute names, too!
    Both my boys got their names from Japanese words. Goro is from "goro goro," which is expression of purring sound. Niko is from "niko niko," expression of smile.

  3. It was cool to learn how you all got your names!!

    The Florida Furkids

  4. Me and my mom-person thnk´s that all your cat´s have grreat names !
    My breeding name is S*Alzecas Sherikaan , but my mom and dad thought it was hard to say Sherikaan so my dad re-named me to Kjelle Bus wich is Charlie Rascal in english :)


  5. Isn't it cool to learn what's in a name? Wonderful stories, all of them! We especially like Saphira's story. We boyz barely escaped being named after physics particles, since our dad is a physicist and mom said he could name us. But she vetoed Lepton and Tachyon! He settled for naming us after famous physicists instead!

  6. Eu acho o nome deles bonitos. Gostei de saber como eles ganharam esses nomes, especialmente Saphira, porque eu assisti o filme Eragon recentemente.

  7. Wonderful stories.. thank you for sharing them :)

  8. PTU means "Prisoner Transport Unit" and that is what cats call their carriers they have to get into for a vet visit.

  9. Two of my cats came named (Suki and Quinn). Sasha I named (it sort of "went" with Suki), but sweet Angel brandi claimed her own name!

  10. What beautiful names! :-) We LOVE them!! xoxo Roxy & Tigerlino <3

  11. They do have great names. Thanks for sharing those stories with us.

  12. My birthday happens to October 20 :)


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