Friday, April 4, 2014

Its a Another Review Day:

Hi everyone!

I have another review for you today! This time we got to review 2 types of cat toys from Cat Toys For Less We have never done a review from them before, so this is our first time doing it. Which I'm really happy about! :-) 
We got to review a fish bone cat toy for the kitties, and 10 or 12 springs also for the kitties! I say 10 or 12 because 10 are on my bed and I could have sworn that there was at least 2 somewhere in my closet. My cats are famous for hiding things where I'll never find them, especially Star and Saphira. They also have a tendency to take toys from one another; I'm looking at you Anya! Anya likes to take toys from Nico, Saphira likes to take toys from Nico, Nico likes to take toys from Saphira, Star likes to take anything from the other 3; nobody messes with Star! Seriously Star will do some serious damage to you. No joke. ;-)

Now anyways, let's get to that review!
Okay, its a 10-pack not a 12-pack; I most of confused it with their other 12 springs that are all yellow. That's a total of 22 springs! Gosh my cats are some lucky kittehs!

My cats totally love these springs! Especially Nico. As you can see, these springs come in the colors dark pink, yellow, dark blue, and light green. 
Now we only asked to review the fish bone cat toy, but they were nice and included the springs as well. How sweet:-) My kitties really appreciate that!!!! 
Here's the fish bone and the  springs.
Do you like my rings? LOL! I'm so creative:-)


* Fast shipping and friendly customer service

* Cats really enjoy them

* The fish is all natural 

* 10 colorful springs!

* Strong

* GREAT prices

* The springs make wonderful rings, lol


* Nothing!

I'm 100% satisfied.

Ragdoll Mommy~


  1. This is a great review! The fish toy is so cute. And the springs looks lots of fun! Fun for human, too...I'm sure I'll wear them on my fingers, too. Can't help it :-)

  2. Me would probarbly put all the springs under the sofa :)
    It´s there I hide all my toy´s and then I sit and miaow miaow miaow until my mom-person comes and bring them back to me :)


  3. Those springs are great! We bet they would all be under the fridge or the sofa very quickly at our house. :)

    We have one of those fish, too!

  4. Meus gatos adoram molas, eu uso espirais de cadernos.

  5. Great review! The springs look like a lot of fun! :-) Have a PURRFECT weekend! xxx Roxy & Tigerlino

  6. we have a ton of those springs and love 'em!

  7. lol.. so I'm not the only one who wears the springs as rings..


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