Friday, April 11, 2014

Review Day:


Today is another review day. This time we got to review an awsome feather-type cat toy for Star and Saphira. This beautiful cat toy is made up of bird feathers from a bird called a guinea bird; these birds are very pretty. 
The cats really love this toy! So be sure to stop on by at their Esty shop and buy a toy! You can do so at: FurBabyToys

Aren't these birds pretty and weird looking at the same time? I have never heard of these birds before, until I did the review for this cat toy. To me they kinda look like a turkey, if you ask me.
Anyways, you can buy this toy on their Esty shop called FurBabyToys for $16 dollars; plus free shipping! What makes this toy a bit more expensiver than your average cat toy, is because this cat toy is made with real guinea bird feathers, not some cheap feathers that aren't real that you can buy at a crafting shop;-) These are the real deal. 
It looks like a mini baby of that guinea bird pictured above, lol. 
Now yes, it does make me sad that a beautiful bird like the one pictured above had to be killed so my cats could have something nice. But quality is becoming a lot harder to find in the USA, so this bird died for a good reason. 
Now I don't happen to have a photo of one of the cats playing with it, they're being camera shy today so I'm sorry about that. But they do enjoy it a lot, so that's good.


* Fast shipping and friendly customer service

* Hand made with good material

* Cats love it

* Great quality 


* A bit on the pricer side

* A feather did fall out

I am 98% satisfied with is toy.

Ragdoll Mommy~


  1. We've never heard of that bird before either! It's very funny looking! But the toy looks GREAT!! Great review, dear Ragdoll Mommy! :-) xxx Roxy & Tigerlino

  2. That bird looks very unique. Both pretty and weird indeed :-)
    Glad your kitties enjoyed the feather toy!


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