Friday, May 16, 2014

Meet The Most Stunning Family in The WORLD

Mr. Stunning (A.K.A Mr. Blue). Mr. Blue is Nico and Anya's father. I totally see Nico's face in him. 
Mr. Blue's son. (A.K.A Nico). Lil' Mr. Stunning
Mrs. Stunning (A.K.A Queen Alexandria). Anya looks just like her. 
Another pic.
Lil' Mrs. Stunning (A.K.A Anya). 

And that's the Stunning Family.

Ragdoll Mommy~ 


  1. Mr. & Mrs. Stunning look very stunning!

  2. appropriately named family :)

    emma nad buster

  3. Truly beautiful!! :-D Have a PURRFECT weekend, sweeties! :-) xoxo Roxy & Tigerlino <3

  4. they most certainly are! Happy Caturday!

  5. I was stunningly stunned by all the stunningness.

  6. Stunning, indeed! We hope you had a great Caturday!


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