Monday, May 12, 2014

Review Day:


Here's a review for you today. Today is a review of a adorable and absolutely fabulous cat/dog sweater with a matching hat! Don't worry, the kitties loved wearing it, just kidding;-) But I however, did enjoy putting them in it if they got cold or something or occasionally just for looks. But before I write-away, you gotta go check them out first Here! Joking, I can't obviously "make" you do it, but you should, because that's where I got this sweater from, and its awsome, just not as kool as I am! While I'm being sarcastic and realistic at the same time, I'm not joking around here. I'm kidding though, its a joke. ;-)
The librarian Starry!! Lol.
I know, I know, it looks like Star wants to kill me, but she really didn't as I wouldn't be here writing this today if she had,  and plus she didn't really mind--she just likes to give me the "looks" while she models it. #Evil Kitteh. <3
The hat.
The hat n' sweater.
Da Star n' da hat. If you ask me, she looks like some kind of French girl or something along those lines. Right?
Starry shows off her "good-side", lol.


* Friendly customer service
* Fast shipping
*Strong material
* Looks great on kitties!
*Cats didn't mind wearing it
*One of a kind, and is no longer available ;-)


* A bit on the pricer side; $14 or 15 dollars, but its worth it! ;-)

Ragdoll Mommy~


  1. Star looks very elegant in the sweater and the hat!

  2. that sweater and hat are just too adorable!


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