Thursday, May 1, 2014

Review for Fancy Feast Cat Food:


I have a review for you today! This time we got to review some wet cat food for Star and Saphira/Nico and Anya. 

Go check them out here: Pet360
This was ( I say "was", because its gone now), was a box of Fancy Feast Seafood Feast Variety, with 3 flavors to choose from: the green can of food was Cod, Sole & Shrimp Feast. The blue can was Ocean WhiteFish & Tuna Feast. However, I have forgotten what flavor the pink can was. 

Now, I'm not too fond of Fancy Feast, as Star is allergic to corn, and corn is in this food, but damn did these cats love this food! So it wasn't too bad, sense this was only a treat for the cats and not a main meal, well sometimes that is. As you can see, this box contained 30 cans of wet food, and I've seen this same Fancy Feast box at SAM's Club for $28 dollars and somethin' €, however I believe this box was $30 something dollars, if I had paid for it.  
Its kinda scary looking and I'm not gonna lie, lol. I have no idea what the ingredients were in this food as I had thrown out the box, which had the ingredients located on the box. Oops...
The dry food in this wet food was not part of the review.
Fancy Feast.
Star and Saphira liked it the best though.


* Cats loved it.

* 30 cans was nice.

* Didn't make the cats sick.

* Fast shipping.


* It smelt god awful!

* Not so good/healthy ingredients.

Now, these people left me with no way to contact them when the review was ready, so I hope they some how get to read this.

Ragdoll Mommy~


  1. I find most soft foods are gross and smelly. It seems to me the smeller the more they like it!

  2. Great review! :-) Have a purrfect weekend! :-D xoxo Roxy & Tigerlino

  3. The mom calls FF...kitty crack because we love it so much. So we hardly ever get it...probably because the ingredients aren't all that great.

  4. not all of the flavors of fancy feast have corn in them.. in fact many of the "classic" flavors are fed to diabetic cats due to their decent ingredients..


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