Saturday, May 31, 2014


Hey guys,

Today I have a couple of reviews for you today that should interest you. The first one is a very stunning bracelet made with glass pearls and metal. Go check it out here! This beautiful bracelet is so stunning that it would be perfect for weddings, as a gift, to wear out, to parties, or just around the house like I sometimes do. I recommend this bracelet because number one, it is stunning, two, its strong, and best of all great priced.  The shop owner would also like to add: " I am not really sure what to add about me or my shop! I am a nurse during the day, I work at the VA so I'm around military folks all the time! I'm a mom and I started making these bracelets after I lost my mom in September, 2013. I love making the bracelets, I buy tons of beads and pearls and just try out different designs but my favorite is the pearls! I love etsy and I'm anxious to sell bunches of bracelets! "
The stunning bracelet, and you can get yours for only $8 dollars! 
This is not a slip on bracelet! And if you attempt to do that like I tried, you might break it. ( I didn't break it).
Pretty glass pearls.
Not the most natural pose for this review but it was hard to do with one hand!

This is one of my favorite shops on Etsy, and you can see where I get it from Here!


* Fast shipping
*Great customer service
*Great prices
*Beautiful glass pearls


*A bit hard to put on your wrist the first few times, but you'll definitely get the hang of it soon enough!

For this other review is a cute snack pouch; I use it for just about anything, not just food. Best part is that its got nothing but UF on it! Here I'll show ya'.
Sorry for the bad quality; these were taken at night. 
Not actually the Gator colors, but that's because it was taken at night; the iPad's worst enemy, lol.
Velcro latch thingy.
Bottom velcro thingy.
I am famous for throwing my stuff all in one or two bags, because I hate traveling with like 9,000 bags so yeah. In this pouch contains, contains... Contains: earbuds, my baby (a.k.a my 3rd generation iPod Nano, case inclued), and it's little carrier thing, a bracelet (see the other review above; same thing), a napkin, and like 3 gum rappers, and a thing of ABC gum (what do you think I saved the gum rappers for?), 2 pads, 2 tampons that my cats tried to inhale (don't worry I've never used them, ewww...), oh and a cat toy for some reason.... And there's the proof that Ragdoll Mommy is a wonderful packer! NOT! ;-)

So you can actually use it for a number of things, other than food. Ps: also makes it wonderful bathroom bag for your stuff.


*Wonderful prices: just $5 dollars
*Great quailty 
*Friendly customer
*Fast shipping


*Nothing here

Ragdoll Mommy~

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