Tuesday, June 3, 2014

20 MUST Have Cat Products and Happy Tadpole Tuesday

First happy Tadpole Tuesday! This picture and along with all of my other ones of him turned 10 years old on March 4th, 2014--aw. I can't believe its been that long ago. I wish I could just hold him one more time. And to answer a few people, Tadpole was a Ragdoll, not a Siamese. 

5 things you never knew about Tadpole:

1: Tadpole was such a sweet cat and he'd follow us everywhere (typical Ragdoll behavior), that I had started calling him "The Following Cat". 

2: When his old owner was moving she didn't take him, because I loved him too much. Tadpole was 14 when we got him and he later died from Feline leukemia in 2005 at 15 years old. 

3: I have no digital photos of Tadpole to this day; then how did I get the one pictured above? Well, back then we had film so we'd take the pictures and get them developed, easy right? 9 years later long after Tadpole was dead, I had came acrossed a few old photos of him from 2004, so I took pictures of those pictures with our iPad. Original and creative, I bet you never thought of that idea. Originally I only have about 5 photos of him. 

4: I have no idea why, but when we had Tadpole we had lived on a farm with chickens, and of course chickens kinda need chicken feed right? Well, apparently so did Tadpole--I had mixed chicken feed with water from the hose and stirred it up, I know eww, but hey he loved it! We referred to this as a "milkshake" lol.

5: Sense I had grown up with Tadpole for a bit, I had basically tortured him. Not in a  abusive way, but in a "child-type-way", like trapping him under a bucket that I now use to hold my cats toys, walking him on this stuffed animal dog's leash when he never wore a collar, stepping on his tail, yanking his fur, his tail, then there was that time I had sprayed him with the cold water from the hose; don't worry Tadpole was a bad ass cat and didn't mind it. Everything I've listed above I never got scratched or bit by him; okay, he had scratched me once in the 1 and a half years that we had him, as I had stepped on his tail by mistake. 

Now, let's kick off with some MUST have cat products that I love. Note: some of these were reviews (I'll say if they were a review or not) but others were not, this is not a review by the way. 
#1: The Furminator.
Price: $60 dollars, now 20-ish. Didn't pay for it, thankfully, lol.
#2: The Mint Ring.
Price: $6 dollars.
#3: The Spin Ball Track (not actual name).
Price: I have no idea as it came with Nico&Anya. Didn't pay for it.
#4: Furry Monster That Looks Like Star. (not actual name).
Price: $4 dollars. Didn't pay for it.
#5: Large Kitty Longer. 
Review: Yes.
Price: $125 dollars.
#6: Saphira's Crack Squirrel (not actual name).
Price: I'm not sure, as I got this 7 years ago in 2007 and was part of a birthday present. Didn't pay for it.
#7: PetNaturals.
Price: I'm not sure as these were from a giveaway, that I was given to sense she didn't have a cat. But the price of these is about $5 dollars. Didn't pay for it.
#8: FeliWay.
Price: I'm not sure as it came with Nico&Anya. But in Petsmart it is about $17-20 dollars. Didn't pay for it.
Note/tip: do NOT under ANY circumstance shake this bottle up! Never I say! It smells terrible! Don't shake it and it smells like nothing. Do not breath in!
#9:Groomax Gentle Cat&Kitten Shampoo.
Price: I'm not sure as it came with Nico&Anya. And sadly I can't seem to find it anywhere:-( Not even online. Didn't pay for it.
Note: might be discontinued:-( Smells wonderful, I could smell it for hours!
#10: Football Cat Toy (not actual name).
Price: $4 dollars.
#11: Rainbow Trout Cat Toy (not actual name).
Price: $6 dollars, but I got it on sall for $3 dollars! Yay!
#12: Bad Ass Balls That Glow In The Dark (major laughing here) and (not actual name). 
Price: $10 dollars for the both of them. Didn't pay for it though.
#13: Fun Beam Laser Pointer.
Price: Didn't pay for it, but $3-6 dollars.
#14: Bad Ass Light-Up Mouse With Noise (not actual name).
Price: $7 dollars.
Note: might scare the shit out of you in the middle of the night...
#15: Really Cool  Bouncy Bird (not actual name).
Price: $3-4 dollars. Didn't pay for it.
#16: Cool Bubbley Fish Thing With Noise (not actual name).
Price: $4 dollars.
#17: Blue Bird Wih Noise (not actual name).
Price: Didn't pay for it, but $3 dollars or so.
#18: Sheep With Noise (not actual name).
Price: Didn't pay for it, but about $3 dollars or so.
#19: Moving Ladybug With Fish (not actual name).
Price: $1 dollar each. Didn't pay for it.
#20: Twinkle Ball.
Price: $5 dollars.
Note: lasts a long time; ours finally stopped lighting up after almost 2 years.

I have more must have cat products, but this post is already long enough;-) Next week.

Ragdoll Mommy~


  1. I didn't realize there so many cat toys. Growing up our cats usually played with a catnip mouse, they chased a string or just rolled around in catnip, played a bit, then passed out. Much like me in the 70's.

  2. Tadpole sounds he was such a sweet kitty :-)
    I love Furminator, it does great job! One of my boys loves it, too!

  3. Saphira's Crack Squirrel is named "Flatty McFlatterson" at my house :)

  4. Wow, you have lots of treasures for your kitties. Sounds like tadpole was an amazing cat.

  5. I love the Furminator! So does Mommy! MOL

  6. Tadpole sounds like a wonderful cat. Our Mummy has lots of old photos of the cats who came before Us, who have long gone to the Bridge. She scans them into her Computer Machine and saves them in a special album. You could do that with the pictures of Tadpole.
    Love from Trixie, Caspurr & Shimshi xoxox


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