Friday, June 27, 2014

Fun on Friday: Saphira goes to North Caroline


Last weekend, we went on a very exciting trip to North Carolina.....and... AND....I got to take Saphira with us!! How cool is that?! That was roughly 506 miles from our home in Florida! Technically 1,012 miles to North Caroline and back to Florida, and get this--she didn't even cry once! Those miles were just a guess, it might of been more or less. 
Saphira sits on a bench outside North Caroline's visitor's center. 
She looked a bit  agitated because there was a mom and kids that walked by us. 
Saphira says: "come on mom, let's get otta here!". 
Saphira and I at the visitor's center on Sunday.

We had went up to North Caroline, because we had to trade in our 2004 silver Honda pilot for a 2008 white Ford 150. Well, it wasn't "new" but it sure does look like it, I believe we're the 2rd owners of it. We're smart enough to know not to buy new cars. Anyways, Saphira loved riding in it. We had went up to NC (North Caroline) on Sunday and left Monday. 
We had went to a stunning park up there on Sunday. I forgot the name of it though, but it had a pretty water fall and a lot of nice trees and some cool rocks, and a few beautiful rivers? I guess you could call them, that we got to swim in. Unfortunately, it wasn't much colder up there than it was in Florida, but after our walk it had started to rain some, which felt nice. The water in the rivers was so cold, I was kind of dragged into it and was begged to swim, I got use to the water by being splashed, which I didn't take kindly, so I give them a picece of my mind--the middle finger. But really, it was all fun and games, (until someone freezes their and I quote "personal items" ). So I wasn't that mad. Come to think of it, if I hadn't gotten in, I definitely would have regretted it later. I was the one that actually got in again the second time we had stopped by a river, no one else would join me though, lol. The water left an amazing feeling of pure cold after we had gotten out. Then when it was time to go home, well to our temporary home, aka the hotel, we had gotten a bit lost in the mountains... Told them they went the wrong way. Since we had Saphira with us it would of been $250 or so for her to stay in the room and $50 if we got caught with her in there without permission, well let's break the law a bit, after all you only live once. So we had taken her in the room with us without their permission. Ha! Did we get caught? Nope! Suckers! 
So we had dropped Saphira off in the room, along with our luggage and since the hotel had a pool, (an INDOOR pool) and a jacuzzi (also indoors) we had put on our swim suits and went for a swim at 10PM and left at pool-hours, which was 11PM, best part was was that there was no one else there! Then we went back to the room and 2 of us took showers, ( I was one of them) and the other 2 didn't, personally I find that nasty, but opinions differ. Then we went to bed, work up the next morning and to my dismay, I had only just realized that I had no shorts to wear; because we had gone swimming on Sunday in our clothes, not our swim suites. I had only brought 1 pair of shorts, because we were only staying in North Caroline for 1 day. So I had my only pair of shorts dried in the dryer and when those were done, I got dressed. Since I was still in my night time clothes, I had stayed in the room while the other 3 went to breakfast in the lobby, Saphira and I stayed in the room until they returned. When they came back, I had to unlock the door and Saphira must of thought that someone was breaking in, as she had started hissing and growling and scratching at the door. What a cool cat. 

On the way home after we had traded in our Honda pilot for the truck, we had stopped at a store called Cabela's (might of misspelt that). But pets are allowed there as long as they're being held or in the cart only, so I had taken Saphira with us instead of leaving her in the hot car, I did hang onto her, but I had put her in the cart for like 7 seconds and then took her out. 
Saphira in the cart at Cabela's. She looked a bit alarmed because an old lady and her husband had walked by us to compliment Saphira. Everyone there loved her!
Even though pets aren't allowed on the floor/products, I had put Saphira in a tent on display!! LOL, she loved it. What? No one was looking.... 
Miss Pretty Green Eyes at the park. 
Saphira at the park up in the mountains of North Caroline. Oh, that reminds me; we had saw some female deers at the park, and Saphira was like wtf are those?!?! Lol.

The end,
Ragdoll Mommy & Saphira~


  1. Wow, what an adventure you had! Saphira is ultra cool -- we are so impressed by how well she did with all that! :)

    Have a terrific weekend!

  2. That's amazing Saphira rode the car for such a long distance and didn't complain at all! I wish I could go on a vacation with my boys (which won't happen as they will cry the whole time!)

  3. Love the part about the showers! Lol... Sounds like Saphira and you had fun!

  4. what a good girl Saphira is that she will do all of that! Loved the tent photo!


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