Thursday, June 19, 2014

Saphira "Falls" 14 Feet Unharmed

Last week on Friday night at our new apartment, Saphira had jumped up on the ledge above the stair case and jumped off of it and it was  roughly 14 feet down! Was she hurt? No. I thought she had broken a leg, or her spine, or at least a paw, but amazingly enough she was left unharmed. And that's coming from a 7 year and 11 month old cat! 

Saphira is an amazing ol' girl!

Ragdoll Mommy & Brave Saphira~


  1. OMC Saphira! Wow you jumped off and fell 14 feet! It must have been very scary moment for your mom, but glad you are OK! You are really amazing girl!


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