Thursday, June 5, 2014

Star's Creepy Growl and Her Adorable Meow--Weird Combo...

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So last week, you saw Star's creepy ass growl, well, now let's here her not-so-creepy meow--its adorable! This video will also be with the creepy one for compare. Enjoy! ;-)
Note: Blogger is not showing up my Youtube videos, so I'm giving you a link to them instead.
Star Meow
Star Growl

Editor's note: Star's creepy ass growl was a hit on Youtube! I'm new to Youtube and have been on for only about 3 weeks and with only 5-6 videos, but Star's video has gotten 31 views in a week!! That video is now my best one and with the most views. Yay. Go Star!


  1. Congrats on all the YouTube views. That is awesome!!

  2. Oh Star's meow is so adorable :-) Also, she stood on her two legs! That was so cute!!

  3. Cute meow but hair raising growl, I actually found myself leaning back from the 'puter!

  4. Muito doce! Espero que você tenha ganhado seus petiscos depois disso, Star você é adorável!

  5. We loved Star's cute meow, but her creepy growl was kind of scary!


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