Monday, June 30, 2014

Things Wouldn't Be The Same Without You, Only True Stories Have HappyEndings....


Since I'm not a fan of Mondays, I thought that (since I have nothing else to write about) I would write about how we almost lost Saphira in 2011. Yeah, you read that right. She hadn't shown up for days, (she and Star were outside cats back then) as most of you are aware, we didn't have Nico and Anya back then either.  Anyways, Saphira had not showed up for days, we had looked around the whole neighborhood for her and with no luck. We had thought at first: "well, she's just a cat, and that's what cats do--go where they please, she'll return home soon enough". Well, Saphira never did return. Those days had turned into weeks, we had started to get worried. We had put up "lost cat" posters but with no luck, then one day someone had called saying they might have our cat, but the cat turned out to be a boy and with all black fur. How do you confuses a black and white female cat for a whole black male cat; I have no idea, but it was very nice of them to try and help. Those weeks had turned into months, now I was almost certain that she had been ran over and killed, even though she was 5 years old back then (now 7, almost 8), I thought she might of died of old age, since outdoor cats live shorter years than indoor cats on average. But in November of 2011, we had started looking for a new cat online at our local animal shelter for a replacement for Saphira--but you know what's better than a replacement for my Crazy Ass Crack Addict? SAPHIRA herself!!! Luckily, the shelter had a black and white female cat that looked almost identical to Saphira, thinking Saphira was dead, we didn't really want another cat that looked like Saphira, but we had tiny hopes about that cat being Saphira. Our luck came true when we saw this:
Yep, that's  my Crazy Ass Crack Addict right there. I just couldn't believe my eyes. The shelter wanted $754 dollars for her! Mind you, Saphira is not any breed of cat--she is just a mixed bred, a mutt. They had given her shots, and microchipped her. They had also thought she was about 2 years old! She was 5!! Thankfully a friend had came in to buy Saphira for $15 dollars and hand her back to us. 
Now you should understand why I will NEVER have my cats outside without supervision. 

Come back to read tomorrow's post at 6:00 AM Central time for an awesome announcement! See ya' then!

And they all lived happily ever after,
Ragdoll Mommy & Saphira~


  1. They asked you for over $700 but were willing to part with her for $15? That's not right! One of my cats was hit by a car and after that none went outside. It's just too dangerous. There's coyotes in the area too and the county has warned everyone to keep cats inside, another good reason.

  2. That cat is something else! I cannot wait to come back tomorrow for your special announcement!!!! The suspense is killing me.


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