Friday, July 25, 2014

How Could You Do This To Us???

As most of you know by now Nico&Anya were purchased in 2012 at the age of 3 years and 11 months old. 2 years and 11 months later, Nico gets sick, gets HCM, heart failure, liver failure, and dies. On Wednesday July 16th 2014, I contacted his former owner, his breeder, and his parents's breeder. I never did get a reply from his breeder. However, I did hear from his former owner and his parents's breeder. His parents's breeder ( from Bailey's Ragdolls) claims that its not her fault Nico is dead from HCM; she tried to blame it on me, then realizing that I'm the second owner (or should I say was  the second owner) then she goes to blame it on his first owner, then I tell her it wasn't her fault sense she wasn't the breeder of Nico. Finally; and with no one else to blame, she decides to blame it on Nico's breeder, but what what she is unaware of is that its actually her fault; not mine, not his old owner, not his breeder, but  herself! ( it was her very responsible act to test for HCM BEFORE selling another breeder one or two positive cats with HCM).  She did this to us: 
And nope, he isn't dead. He isn't sleeping. He's dying. (And yes, he peed on my bed, he couldn't help it, he couldn't move from that position.) This is Nico on the same day (July 14th Monday, 2014) before he had to be put down. This is him less than an hour before he went to the vet. He was barely hanging on, I had to use my own oxygen to keep him alive as his poor lungs couldn't keep up with his failing heart. He had to crawl with all his might to get to my face to scream at me to get up from sleeping in bed, from the foot of the bed, he had to crawl with his front legs and clawless paws to reach me; his back legs failed on him, they wouldn't work--he had became paralyzed likely due to a blood clot in one of his vaines in his hid legs. She didn't raise him, she didn't love him, she wasn't there to watch him struggle to move a foot without gasping for air, she wasn't there to spend well over $1,000 dollars to try and save his life, she wasn't there when I did CPR on him, she wasn't there when the vets told us he had to be euthanized, she wasn't there to hold his paw and pet him as the vets put him out of his misery, she doesn't have the last memories of him struggling to breath like I do or the very freshest memories of me holding his lifeless body in the vet's office. All this and all I asked for was two words--I'm. Sorry. But no, I received this: 

She's an abusive fucking bitch, and there's no way else to put it. How can you treat someone like that? Especially when they lost their beloved 5 year old cat to HCM! And where she refereed to the "female cat" she was talking about Nico&Anya's mother; which clearly states on their papers that Queen Alexandria (their mother) was her cat, either someone made a massive mistake or she's lying to me again. And she misspelt Nico's breeder's name; its Cheryl, not Sheryl.  

In the end I paid the price. I told her was sorry for treating her like shit, when she started it and just should of said I'm sorry. You would of already probably guessed by now, but I will NEVER own another cat with her HCM lines in it again, and sure as shit I'll never buy a cat from her.

Ragdoll Mommy~

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