Monday, July 7, 2014

Review Day:


Today I have a review for you guys. This time we're reviewing 10 awesome cat toys for Star, Saphira, Nico, and Anya. There was originally 10 toys, but now there's only 9; I have no idea where the 10th went--my cats are masters at hiding stuff. Anyways, the toys are balls with feathers, my cats love balls; okay, that just totally sounded wrong, LOL. But they do, especially Anya...;-)

Go get some yourselves Here!

Sorry for the poor quality photos; it was cloudy out when I took them (Sunday). 
As said above, my cats love feathers, especially Saphira and Nico. 
All 9 toys. Like I said the 10th one is a POW (Prisoner Of War) lol.

These toys are made with wool and feathers and catnip. Hand made too. Cats love 'em. Even good ol' Star whom is 7 years old (will be 8 in August), likes them and goes crazy over them like she once did when she was a kitten almost 8 years ago. (Smiles). 


*Fast shipping
*Good customer service
*Hand made
*Cats love them
*Catnip included 
*Keeps the catnip inside smelling fresh


* Though a few feathers have fallen out, or should I say chewed out, they are good toys, so there are no cons here.

Ragdoll Mommy~


  1. Sounds like great balls! We have some missing toys here, too :-)

  2. Looks like kitties will be having some fun. I bet they are planning the hiding spots for the other 9 as we speak!

  3. Hi, wanted to thank you for visting my blog and leaving a message about your ragdolls. Pretty cats. My Max is so spoiled but so intelligent. I bought him one of these feather balls and he's not crazy about it. He has the most fun with the soft rubber balls. And I don't know where they all are. Every now and then he brings another out from somewhere?? There must be about 25 here somewhere. LOL


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