Friday, August 15, 2014

An End Has a Start....

Meet Renato, Renato is my handsome and future Sealpoint Mitted Ragdoll kitten. Renato means reborn in Latin and Italian, and in Spanish it means to rise again. 

Renato is NOT a "replacement" for Nico. Comments saying that or are rude i.e Nico 2, etc. Will be deleted. I have not forgotten Nice, nor I ever will, he holds a special place inside my heart, no one can ever fill. Some people were commenting asking when I will get a "replacement" for Nico, first fuck you for saying that, and second, no cat will ever replace my Nico. And I proved that, by staying by his side as his eyes half close in defeat from the heartbreaking HCM, I stood by his dying side, and the last words he ever heard were: "l love you." 

All credite to his breeder for his photo, do not use!

More info on Renato Sunday.

Ragdoll Mommy, Star, Saphira, Anya, Angel Nico, Angel Tadpole, and Renato. 


  1. Own! Pretty boy!!! I love this name: Renato. My husband calls Paulo Renato! =)))

  2. Catlovers do not "replace" pets. We know that! Your Nico will stay in your heart for always. But your heart is loving enough to open itself for someone new to climb into it. That is absolutely wonderful!
    Be very blessed, little Renato! And welcome!

  3. Awww Renato is such a cutie! We never replace our loved ones. Nico is loved and in your heart forever.
    And happy belated birthday to Anya and Nico xoxo

  4. He is beautiful! We know no pet can replace another, each are different and special.

  5. Renato is a real cutie! And of COURSE he is not a replacement for Nico. Nico will ALWAYS live in your heart. Always.

    Hugs to you.

  6. I am BEYOND happy for you and I ADORE the meaning of Renato's name. When I adopted Cody, I adopted him 2 weeks after my Angel Bobo passed. I felt guilty because, I thought people would think that I was trying to "replace" Bobo (and like you, it upset me). My vet said, "you ARE NOT replacing Bobo, not at all, you are MAKING NEW MEMORIES with another cat." He said that Bobo would have wanted me to share my love with another cat, Nico would want that too! xoxo


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