Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Renato Needs a Home!

Renato is a purebred, TICA registered Ragdoll. His color is Sealpoint + Mitted, Sealpoint+Mitted=Sealpoint Mitted.
Or Seal Mitted; your choice.

He is a super sweet and loving boy, he likes other cats, kids, and dogs. He is very submissive and doesn't fight back; I would like him to go to a home with cats that are submissive and non aggressive, same for dogs. He has good litter box habits and is litter box trained, he likes car rides, but doesn't really care for the cat carrier; he won't try to bite or scratch or anything, but he will try to climb out, he doesn't mind the vet and is good with strangers and sees everyone as his friend. He is an indoor only cat, but likes to walk outside on his harness and leash. Like I said, he is an INDOOR only cat and because Ragdoll cats don't fight as well as other cats, he must be kept indoors at all times!! No exceptions! I will refuse to sell him to you if you declaw him! He uses a scratching post just fine! 

He is $850. I will not go lower than $800. Ragdoll cats are the 5th most exspensive breed in the world, but they're worth their weight in solid gold! I ask for this price because he will come already neutered, shots up to date, TICA papers, and he will come with toys, transition food and litter, a litter box, a towel he loves, and a folder for his papers, a health guarantee from his breeder, his rabies tag; that is good until 9/24/2015, and a contract from his breeder that is in my name, and all of his vet history (papers). But over all, you we get your pre-spoiled bundle of love, ready for you to love! 

I will not ship, nor will I allow you to adopt him if you are not in the USA. If you fly and bring him back with you then that is fine, but I will not allow him to fly by himself; animals have died from it. I am not responsible for him after I hand him over to you; you pay everything from there words on; vet bills, food, litter, treats, toys, etc. I will refuse the sale to anyone who I feel isn't the right home for Renato, I will refuse the sale too if you fail to give me some info on yourself, I will refuse the sale if you fail to send me updates (photos must be included!) on him for the first 2 years of him being with you, please keep me updated on him for the rest of his life if you can! And I will provide you with info on him!! :-) I am very easy to work with!

If you are interested, please state your name, email address, and questions to nicoandanya@gmail.com !


Ragdoll Mommy~

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