Sunday, October 5, 2014

Review Day: Blue Buffalo Kitty Yums Treats


Note: this is our first ever review without Nico. Our 44+ thousand viewers will surely miss Nico dearly. So let's take a moment to remember our very last review with him. Photo below: 

Today we're reviewing two flavors of Blue Buffalo's Kitty Yums Treats, we were sent Tempting Tuna and Savory Salmon by one of our favorite companies -- Chewy. ComI have reviewed a total of 4 (soon to be 5), products from Chewy in 1 year that I've been blogging, this is a wonderful company with excellent service and super fast shipping!

We wanted to try the Tempting Tuna, but they were nice and also threw in Savory Salmon! Yay! My cats loved them both, in fact Saphira loved them so much that she ate both of the bags half way, while I was unaware at the library one week! I was angry, not only because she is a tad overweight and on a diet, but also because I hadn't wrote the review for them yet! I started to panic, lol. 
Saphira with Savory Salmon (left) and Tempting Tuna (right), these treats (both bags) were gone in less than a week, lol. 

We were upset that the box was very damaged when I received it, I am not sure if this was Chewy. Com's fault or UPS, but I'm assuming it was indeed UPS's problem. All of the products I've received from Chewy were in good shape and boxed nicely; but not this one however, it looked like someone ran it over with a car or smashed it by jumping on top of it. The treats were undamged and that's all that matters to me. Live and forget.

Tempting Tuna, tuna is the first ingredient! 

Full list of ingredients on Tempting Tuna.

Savory Salmon, salmon is the first ingredient!

Full list of ingredients for Savory Salmon.


• Fast shipping and great customer service
• Lots of flavors to choose from 
• Cats loved both the flavors
• No corn, no soy, no by-products, no dyes, no artificial flavors or colors, or preservatives or fillers, or any types of grain ;-)
• Helped improve Star's coat; she is allergic to corn and soy and grains
• Made cats's fur shinny
• Great size for kittens or cats with a small mouth, like Anya&Renato
• Easy to break up for training for your cat
• Soft for older cats or really young kittens or kittens that are teething


• Damaged box

Ragdoll Mommy~

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  1. This is great review! I'm sorry for damaged box, but glad treats inside were ok. Looks like Saphira enjoyed box anyway :-)


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