Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Double Review Day:

I have two long over due reviews, one is from somewhere between November (2013) -February of  2014. The other one is from May 2014 I think. The reason I have been so damn slow to get my reviews done, is because its been crazy as fuck around here!!

The two products are from two different shop owners on Etsy, I can't take the stress of this any longer, so I am now doing double review days, this is the last time I try to handle over 200 products from 500 companies! You may think I'm lying but I have at least 14 reviews I need to do (not counting the two I'm doing now), one review on the way, and at least 2 companies that have me on their next blogger review list! This year has been out of control. I promise 2015 to be clutter free! That will give me 12 peaceful months of blogging and reviewing, I look forward to 2015....

Listen, I'm in deep shit if I fail to get these reviews done before January, so I need to get them done ASAP or I'm going to have some furious shop owners/companies from people, and not to mention emails. And trust me, who the fuck wants to go through what I'm going through? No one, I thought so. So please bear with me for 2 weeks+ at least to get these done, expect to have Mondays and Saturdays free of reviews, as that is when I do Nico and Renato Monday, and my PhotoHunts on Saturday, but this isn't a guarantee, unfortunately. I forgot to do my PhotoHunt last Saturday again. Fuck.... 

Fucking Blogger is a bitch, and deleted my saved 3 hour review for the other product I wrote, so now I have to go re-write the whole fucking thing some other day. But for now enjoy just one review...

The first one is 6 catnip toy pillows from an Etsy shop, I cannot find the fourth UF pillows unfortunately, my cats are masters at hiding stuff from me, but then again what cat isn't? 

They are hand made with organic catnip inside. The cats love them, and play with them a lot. Two of the UF pillows are orange on the back and say "University of Florida" (aka UF), and the other two pillows are blue on the back and say the same thing. On the front is the same Gator/UF collage, on all 4. And it is shown on the picture above. The other two pillows are pictured above. 

UF pillows.

Under side.

What UF stands for.

Note: if you don't care for UF, then there are a few other teams you can choose from


• Fast shipping
• Good customer service
• Cats love them
• Catnip stuffed
• Strong material


• A few of the stitches on the outer rims are coming a bit loose. 

The next review is pictured below: 

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