Thursday, November 20, 2014

Review Day

First I am proud to announce that I am now down to only 4 reviews left! Yay!

This one came from a Shop on Etsy, I was originally sent 8 cat toys, but now we're now down to only 4. I have no clue where the other 4 went. Maybe my closet? Under my bed? I would have to look. 

They look a lot like figure eights, don't they? Both Renato and Nico liked playing with them before they passed away. They are knitted yarn on top of black hair ties. I hope the hair ties hadn't already been used! Gross! But more than likely they're not. I wouldn't recommend these to cats under the age of 1 year, as they're kinda flimsy and break easily. But cats do love them. Indeed they do. I can't recall the *exact* price, but I think they were around $8 dollars. 



• Good customer service
• Okay shipping
• Cats love them 
• 8 toys
• Good prices
• Hand made


• Not for little kittens!
• Break easily 
• Flimsy
• They get lost easily too

Ragdoll Mommy~ 

1 comment:

  1. We can see why cats would enjoy those. Their flimsiness would make us a little worried, though. Thanks for the review!


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