Sunday, November 30, 2014

Review Day


Today is another review day. This time we are reviewing 3 sets of cute cat toys for the kitties! (Duh, they always get what they want lol). This is another older review, I am unaware of the exact date I reviewed them, but it was some time ago. They are 3 gold fish toys (and I mean the snack shapes, not the actual live fish), 3 strawberries, one chocolate dipped one, one vanilla dipped one, and one strawberry dipped one, and 4 candy bunny peeps! One blue one, one pink one, one yellow one, and one purple one!  
Pictures are below:

Here is the link to her Etsy shop: Here!

Their smiles and eyes are rubed away though, in fact they were already half way gone when I got them. But my 3 girls still love them regardless of their facial features. ;-)

These are so cute that they actually have stems and strawberry seeds! I just love them! The only thing is is that Nico really liked the pink one, and now that he's dead it makes me a bit sad to see it lying around on my floor. :-(  I have a whole file bucket in my closet that contains 90% of Nico's belongings, but a few things hang around; he had so many things I can't keep in his memory box, that either won't fit due to size or it would break; he has many thank-you notes, love-notes, and sympathy-notes, after he died and when he was alive. I have at least $600+ dollars worth of notes for Nico before and after he died, but to me and him they are worth their weight in solid gold.

These simply just don't get any cuter than this. My felines love them, the blue one is Nico's and is very important to me as it is a peice of him. These (like all of the toys) have fresh and organic catnip inside of them!

 This picture is suppose to be long-ways.

Saphira loves 'em!

Again this picture was suppose to be long-ways. Just look at the adorable little pink bow attached!

Note: I only originally asked if I could do a review for just the gold fish, but the shop owner on Etsy was very nice and generous and included the bunny peeps and dipped strawberries!! She was such a nice person!! :-) 


• Fast shipping
• Fabulous customer service; she is an incredibly nice women
• Cats love them
• Fresh and certificated organic catnip inside
• Made well and look real
• Strong material


• The gold fishes' eyes and smiles rub away very easily

Ragdoll Mommy~

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  1. Oh they are just so cute, I love the little details. How lovely that so many people wrote to you, it's a wonderful community out there x


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