Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Reviews From Chewy. Com:

I have two reviews for today from Chewy. Com

First is Zuke's G-zee's Cat Treats. These treats have great ingredients, and the cats loved them. The only thing I don't like about Zuke's, is that Purina now owns that company. I don't like Purina, they're a bad company in my opinion.
The cats really liked these however, they only have 2 calories per treat, so they are awesome if you're trying to get your cat to lose some weight; Saphira is on a diet, she's about 12lbs and I'd like her to get to about 10 or 9lbs. So these are awesome.


Back of it. 

They are a little smaller than a penny.


• Good customer service
• Fast shipping
• Cats loved them
• Good ingredients; Star is allergic to corn, soy, and grains, so these were very helpful and nice.
• Good prices


• They are difficult to break, I would not recommend them to older cats or kittens. You can not leave them out long or the cats won't eat them because they're stale and hard. 

Over all I give these 4 out of 5 stars. 

The next one is also from Chewy. This one is from Tropi Clean Hip & Joint +. You're suppose to put some in your cat's or dog's (it is for both animals) water bowls, and it is suppose to keep your pet's breath fresh for up to 12 hours, however my cats will rarely drink it if it is in their bowl. 

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  1. Those treats sound pretty good. Of course, we have Zoe and Gracie, who do not like treats. Ha ha. Moosey might like them, though.

    Thanks for the reviews!


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