Friday, January 9, 2015

First Aid Kit For Your Ragdoll Cat

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Anya in 2013.

Do you have a first aid for your Ragdoll  or cat? Why or why not? I've kept one in my closet ever since Nico got his rear paw stuck in my diver's bag in July of 2014, he ripped out his whole claw and it bled everywhere! Poor Nico. It grew back though, (thankfully). I'm really glad I keep a first aid kit for my cats!

It consults of:

* 1 pair of blunt scissors.

* 1 instant cold pack.

* 1 hot\cold pack.

* 1 ten pack of q-tips.

* 1 emergency blanket (52 x 84. Who the fuck needs one that size?!) and by the way, those are a bitch to fold.

* 1 pack of plastic hand gloves.

* 1 bottle of eye wash.

* 1 pack of three popsicle stick things.

* 1 piece of cloth.

* 1 gauze roll.

* 1 pair of cat claw clippers.

* Multiple types of eye pads and gauze ones.

* Multiple quick n' cleans.

* Alcohol pads.

And more! Yeah, I am crazy lol.

Ragdoll Mommy~

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